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Indonesia Prayer Calendar: March 31 - April 6

Greetings and Happy Sunday!

We embark on our second week of praying over the Indonesia Retreat, and we are so grateful for your faithful prayers and the time you are giving to pray over these precious sisters of ours this week. Please continue to pray as the Lord leads you and embrace the freedom He gives as He guides your prayer time. And know that He delights in your heart and loves spending this time with you!

March 31 -

B: Ask that she be given a new understanding of the unchanging fact that God sees her, He knows her, and He loves her beyond measure. Pray that she will begin to grasp the truth of God seeing and knowing her, and that she would walk in confidence of who she is and of who God is. Ask that she would trust in the name of the Lord her God always.

K: Pray that she would know how beloved by God she is, that He knows her name and delights in who she is. Ask that she would be given a renewal of joy and hope as she waits on God, that her trust and faith in Him will grow and that she will be walk in peace and calm.

M: Pray for continued good health and peace of mind and heart. Pray that she will be given a heart that worships God in all things, and that the praise of His name will continually be on her tongue. Ask that she walk in thankfulness for how God always provides for her every need.

April 1 –

A: Pray that she would be healthy and well in all areas of her life, but specifically in her physical body. Pray that she would make wise decisions regarding her health and the health routines she chooses. Ask that God would heal all parts of her body that may not be working together, or that have become a cause for concern and anxiety. Pray that she would walk in the confidence and hope that God is the God who heals.

B: Pray for her as she looks for ways to increase the health in her body, to lower her sugar and cholesterol levels. Ask for someone to walk alongside her who can give her wise counsel regarding her health; pray she would choose the self-discipline to follow through with a healthier life-style. Ask that she know that her health is important to God, and that He is walking this road with her.

N: Pray that she would remember to look to God each day, to fix her eyes on Him as the things in life distract and pull her attention away from His face. Pray that she will trust that God is using her for His glory, that her walk with Him and how she chooses Him each day is a testimony to those around her, who know her and who are observing her walk with God.

April 2 –

N: Pray that she would trust that God is still leading her every step, even when she can’t see what the next step is. Ask that she would be filled with joy as she walks with God, that the joy He gives her will overflow into all parts of her life, and in all the relationships she has. Pray that He would give her the hope she needs to keep taking the next step.

J: Pray for her to be encouraged when and where she needs it, that as it comes that she would not disregard it or turn it away but would allow her heart to soak in the words of truth, life and love that God is speaking through His word and through others to her. Ask that she would recognize the Holy Spirit as He ministers to her right where she is.

L: Pray that she would be emboldened to follow hard after Jesus at all times, even when the challenge is great and the road is long. Ask that God would continue to sustain her and give her what she needs before she is even aware that the need has risen. Pray she would be encouraged in her walk with God, that she would trust He is with her in all things at all times.

April 3 –

S: Pray for her mother, who lives alone, that she would be kept safe and well, and that God would provide for her needs – for companionship and social outlets, as well as her own walk with God. Ask that S would walk in freedom to continue to serve and minister where God has called her, and trust that God will be with her family even when she is not.

V: Ask that God would continue to give her wisdom, discernment and an increase in compassion as she works with those who have been freed from trafficking and exploitation. Pray that God would open doors for her to walk with these who have suffered much, that they would experience healing, grace and hope through her tender compassion and ministry to them. Pray that God would set an ever-present hedge of protection around her as she walks into dark places, that the light of Jesus would be stronger and would be the freedom that is longed for.

M: Pray that she would find time to be still and listen as she is asking God for clear direction and leading in what the next step is; ask that she be given the clear direction and open door she is asking for. Pray for smooth transitions and peace as she walks in faith towards where God is leading.

April 4 -

M: Pray for her as she transitions to a new position – that she would be willing and excited to learn and would walk with humility and gentleness as she adjusts to a new ministry and job. Pray as well for her sister’s health, and for the relational health of her family; ask that God would move in power in her family’s hearts and move them closer to one another and closer in their walks with God.

S: Pray for her relationship with her husband, for her to know how to support and love her husband through a difficult season and the struggles of mental health that stress can bring. Pray for peace and understanding to be present in their marriage, and for her to know how to care for herself in a way that is healthy for both herself, her husband, and their ministry and other relationships. Ask for the covering of God’s protection as they walk through this season.

W: Ask that she continue to trust God and choose to walk with Him each day, as this past year has been challenging and circumstances have been difficult. Pray that God would reveal Himself to her in new and beautiful ways that she hasn’t yet known Him, that she would allow Him to refresh her spirit and restore what has been lost or laid aside. Pray for an increase in her desire to spend time with Him, and to know Him deeper, and as she does so that the fruit of her walk with Him will be abundant.

April 5 - B: Pray for the new ministry that she has been involved in since January; pray for encouragement as things settle into place, that they would not become disheartened, but would be able to see the hand of God in the most unexpected places. Ask that they seek opportunities for relationships without expectation, people they may come alongside and love where they are.

D: Pray for her and her husband as they have set goals and a vision for this year, that they would be willing to step back and adjust where the Spirit leads, that they wouldn’t become too set on the goal itself and lose sight of the bigger picture of how God is using them where they are. Pray for the protection and health both physically and spiritually, that one would not outweigh the other, but they would find a healthy balance in their walks with God, in their marriage and in the ministry’s they are involved in.

J: Pray for her to know the abundant provision of God both financially, and for herself personally – in her health, her spirit, her heart and mind. Ask that God would continue to reveal Himself to her in ways that are unique and specific to her and how God has created her. Pray that she would overflow with joy and hope.

April 6 –

M: Pray that she would see the time she has each day/week to set aside and spend time with God, and that she would take advantage of those moments to find a quiet place to rest. Ask that the Word of God would come alive for her in ways that she hasn’t known before, and that it would etch itself in her heart and mind. Pray that she would continue to ask for wisdom and understanding.

L: Pray that she would jump on the opportunities she has to step away from the busyness of life and find quiet places to sit with her Savior, and there find rest for her soul. Ask that she would rely on God to be her strength, and give her the stamina and endurance she needs for every situation and relationship in her life; pray that she would be renewed and refreshed in heart and spirit at this Haven Retreat.

L: Pray that she would have the energy and focus needed to finish language school, and to finish well. Pray for her ears to be tuned to God’s voice alone, and to trust that she knows Him as He speaks and leads her; that she would trust the Spirit He has given her and not doubt as she makes decisions. Ask that she would know God loves her and is pleased with her, and delights when she listens and obeys, but even more so when she moves towards Him, regardless of how that looks to her.

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