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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Mar 31)

March 31:

Pray for -

B: Ask that she be given a new understanding of the unchanging fact that God sees her, He knows her, and He loves her beyond measure. Pray that she will begin to grasp the truth of God seeing and knowing her, and that she would walk in confidence of who she is and of who God is. Ask that she would trust in the name of the Lord her God always.

K: Pray that she would know how beloved by God she is, that He knows her name and delights in who she is. Ask that she would be given a renewal of joy and hope as she waits on God, that her trust and faith in Him will grow and that she will be walk in peace and calm.

M: Pray for continued good health and peace of mind and heart. Pray that she will be given a heart that worships God in all things, and that the praise of His name will continually be on her tongue. Ask that she walk in thankfulness for how God always provides for her every need.

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