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Musana "mini" retreat (Uganda)

Today its been a month since we did the "mini" retreat at Musana in Uganda. After traveling for about 6 hours from Entebbe, we came to Musana. This amazing ministry is located in the village of Iganga in Eastern Uganda. When we arrived we were greeted by smiling faces and welcoming hearts. We were able to tour all of the work Musana is doing in that area and hear how they hope to expand throughout Uganda. In 10 years time they have opened a High School that has one of the highest National testing success rates in the country and they're adding grade levels and training programs every year. They currently have over 500 students enrolled there and most of them live in the dorms on campus. We toured a fully functioning hospital with a Maternity/Women's Ward, Children's area, Men's Health Ward and a Dental clinic. There is a local restaurant with full guest rooms attached owned and run by the ministry to help sustain their work. We went to 2 Primary Schools - both having more than 400 students each - also with most of the children boarding at the school. These people are working hard to build a ministry that brings people out of poverty and gives them dignity. Another amazing aspect of this ministry is that it is primarily run by Ugandans. There are a few Ex-pats that work with and support the ministry, but Musana is well on it's way to be self-sustaining within Uganda.

We also had the sweet privilege of loving on about 20 National women and 6-7 Ex-pats from the US. We worshipped, prayed with and over them, heard their stories, painted toenails, massaged shoulders, gave facials, made cards and got and gave a LOT of hugs! When we celebrated their birthdays - we were told that many of them had never done that before. They were overwhelmed by it - some not being used to celebrating themselves. There were tears and laughter - And FREEDOM! I love how God shows up in beautiful, profound ways when we invite Him. He is so generous and kind.

I was so impacted by their generosity and openness with us that day! I think it may have been the highlight of the whole trip for me!

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Happy Birthday!

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