INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Mar 29)

March 29:

Pray for -

S: Ask that God would give abundant wisdom and discernment as they seek direction for their future in ministry and the areas in which they serve. Pray they would give heed to any caution or pauses they experience in their spirits, to find time to be still and listen to the voice of the Lord as He speaks to them about what He has in store. Pray they would make time to communicate with one another about what their hearts are desiring, and to speak in boldness and truth.

A: She is recognizing the need for rest and refreshment, pray that God would have specific places and times set aside for her leading up to and during the Haven retreat to be still and rest. Pray for her as she encourages her children in school and testing, they would know she their constant support and cheerleader. Pray she would love her family and those in her life with compassion and a gentle and warm spirit.

V: Ask that she and her family will be aware of how God provides for all of their needs, even as it may look different than anticipated. Pray for their family as they adjust to a new baby, and balance family with ministry; pray God will continue to lead them in ministry and the relationships they have built. Pray for healing for her husband’s back and the juggling they must do with the different allergies he has with foods.

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