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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Mar 28)

March 28:

Pray for -

T: Pray for them as they look for opportunities to share their faith with people they encounter and interact with. Ask that they would share in boldness, but also be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and sensitive to the people they are interacting with. Ask that they would look for opportunities to begin building relationships with the people they are around in an everyday basis. Pray for protection as they desire to be bold.

K: Pray she would embrace the identity God has given her – as a beloved, beautiful, wild daughter of the King of kings. Pray she would be given the confidence she needs to walk in freedom and fullness of life. Ask that she would trust God to provide water in the desert, life in the wilderness, and abundance of provision as He guides her on the path He has set before her.

S: Pray for her as she is transitioning through a very painful church situation. Pray that God would remind her that He is always good, that He is with her, and that nothing catches Him off guard. Ask for her to accept the comfort and peace that He offers, and to trust Him to be with her in the pain and hurt that she is dealing with, that she would know He will bring healing and life.

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