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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Mar 26)

March 26:

Pray for -

S: Pray for her to experience deep rest for her heart, soul, mind and strength, as she struggles with balance work and being a mother to two small boys. Pray she would be given the time she needs each week to rest from both work and mothering - a place away from the responsibilities where she can sit and just be. Ask that she be given wisdom and discernment in what it’s ok to say “no” to and to choose those things with boldness and peace.

K: Pray for God’s abundant provision as she and her husband raise full support, as well as desire to help with their daughter’s college tuition. Pray they would be given eyes to see the hand of the Lord wherever they go, and to walk in gratitude and grace as He provides in His time and in His way.

C: Pray for peace to cover her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, for anxiety, fear, and worry to be cast out in the Name of Jesus. Pray she would bring all of the weariness and the anxiety she is struggling with to the cross of Christ, and trust that God will take the burdens from her and give rest to her soul. Ask that she would see that there is space in her life to sit down and rest. Pray for God to restore joy in her heart and mind.

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