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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Mar 2)

March 2:

Today is the last day for the Uganda Prayer Calendar! We want to say “thank you” for your partnership with us through prayer for this retreat; the impact that you have had over each woman who attended and volunteered may not be seen this side of heaven, but know that your prayers are heard, they are significant, and they are so needed and appreciated.

Today, pray for there to be tangible evidence of the work at hand through this Haven Retreat. Pray for eyes to be opened to see how God used the volunteers, how He met each woman in unique ways, and how His love is so beautiful and big. Ask that all involved in this retreat (yes, that means you, prayer partner!) be given a glimpse of His glory here on earth a taste of the beautiful and good things that are yet to come.

Now, may you be blessed as you walk in faith on the path to which God has called you for this season; may you know fullness and richness of life in Christ alone; may you be encouraged and strengthened in trust and faith, as you keep your eyes lifted towards heaven. We ask all these things by the power of the Name and Blood of Jesus, Amen.

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