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Uganda Prayer Calendar: February 26 - March 2

This is the last week of our Uganda Prayer Calendar! Thank you so much for praying with us, your partnership is so valuable and much appreciated. Please continue to pray this week as the Lord leads you – and may you know blessing and encouragement as you spend time with Him.

February 26:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their journey home. Pray for safety, peace and rest as they travel. Pray that God will continue to meet them where they’re at as they look back over and process their time at this retreat. Ask that they would be willing to release the stories and burdens that they were given during the Haven retreat, trusting God to do what He does best as the author and healer of every heart and soul. Pray that they will see and acknowledge the ministry of the Holy Spirit to their own hearts and souls, even as they loved on and ministered to those who attended the retreat.

Pray for the women who attended the retreat, as they as well will be processing and implementing what they learned and allowing the restorative power and grace of the Holy Spirit to continue to flow through them, to continue to change and empower them. Pray for protection around their hearts and minds to hold fast to the truths that they claimed, that they would have the knowledge and wherewithal to continue to claim Truth over their lives, ministries, family and friends in the name of Jesus.

February 27:

Pray for the family and friends who will be receiving home the loved ones who were involved in the Uganda Haven Retreat – both those who attended and those who volunteered. Ask that there would be time and space to sit with the women and attentively listen and hear the significant and impactful things that happened at this retreat. Pray that there would be grace and understanding, and joy and encouragement on the part of those who are hearing the stories that will come from this time.

Ask that each woman would be given a holy guard as she tells her story, that anything that is not of God would not land in her eyes, on her eyes, mind and heart. Pray against a spirit of discouragement over each woman.

February 28:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they jump back into all the things they left behind and put aside for this retreat. Pray for each woman to be given the space to rest and to have the energy she needs for what each day will hold. Ask that each one will find time to spend with the Lord, and as she does, she will be still and allow Him to speak truth and encouragement over her, as things get busy and the pace can be quick.

Pray for the hotel staff and the workers that witnessed this retreat; pray for the seeds that were planted to be watered and cared for by those who live in the area who walk with God. Ask that there be workers for this specific harvest, that God’s glory and His kingdom will be great in this city (Entebbe).

March 1:

Pray that God would protect and bless each connection that was made at this Haven Retreat, that the friendships that were made and/or renewed will be life-giving and encouraging in the months and years to come. Pray that each woman who was impacted by this retreat will walk in boldness and confidence in who God has made her and in what He is calling her to do. Pray for peace and rest to cover each woman as she walks throughout the day, that her confidence and joy will be rooted in Christ and in Him alone. Ask that God will show each woman how He is at work in and through her, that her eyes will be opened to the glory and goodness all around her.

March 2:

Today is the last day for the Uganda Prayer Calendar! We want to say “thank you” for your partnership with us through prayer for this retreat; the impact that you have had over each woman who attended and volunteered may not be seen this side of heaven, but know that your prayers are heard, they are significant, and they are so needed and appreciated.

Today, pray for there to be tangible evidence of the work at hand through this Haven Retreat. Pray for eyes to be opened to see how God used the volunteers, how He met each woman in unique ways, and how His love is so beautiful and big. Ask that all involved in this retreat (yes, that means you, prayer partner!) be given a glimpse of His glory here on earth a taste of the beautiful and good things that are yet to come.

Now, may you be blessed as you walk in faith on the path to which God has called you for this season; may you know fullness and richness of life in Christ alone; may you be encouraged and strengthened in trust and faith, as you keep your eyes lifted towards heaven. We ask all these things by the power of the Name and Blood of Jesus, Amen.

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