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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 26)

February 26:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their journey home. Pray for safety, peace and rest as they travel. Pray that God will continue to meet them where they’re at as they look back over and process their time at this retreat. Ask that they would be willing to release the stories and burdens that they were given during the Haven retreat, trusting God to do what He does best as the author and healer of every heart and soul. Pray that they will see and acknowledge the ministry of the Holy Spirit to their own hearts and souls, even as they loved on and ministered to those who attended the retreat.

Pray for the women who attended the retreat, as they as well will be processing and implementing what they learned and allowing the restorative power and grace of the Holy Spirit to continue to flow through them, to continue to change and empower them. Pray for protection around their hearts and minds to hold fast to the truths that they claimed, that they would have the knowledge and wherewithal to continue to claim Truth over their lives, ministries, family and friends in the name of Jesus.

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