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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 24)

February 24:

Today is the last day of the Haven Retreat. Pray for things to wrap up well, for hearts to continue to be filled and refreshed. Ask that the speaker and the worship team listen attentively to the Holy Spirit and would be willing to step aside as He leads. Pray for a continued atmosphere of worship and unity, that each woman would be filled to overflowing. Pray for joy where there has been sorrow and mourning, for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit as He continues to meet each heart right where it is at.

Pray for the Connection Crew – that they would continue to be given the energy and rest they need as they continue to pour out of themselves, out of what God has given and equipped them with. Ask that all things that have been shared, taught, given with love and received be sealed with the power of the blood of Jesus; ask that anything spoken or witnessed/observed/partaken that is not of God be wiped away from each heart and mind in the Name of Jesus. Ask that each woman present at this Haven Retreat be given a glimpse of the glory of God as their time together ends.

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