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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 21)

February 21:

The Haven Retreat begins today! Pray for the women who are attending as they make their way to the hotel, that they would be given safety and peace as they travel. Pray against any spirits of fear, doubt, anxiety or hesitation that may be on the women as they leave home/families/ministries to partake of self-care and being loved on and served in the name of Jesus. Ask that as each woman is greeted by the Azmera team she feels an overwhelming sense of welcome and belonging, and the all-encompassing goodness and love of God. Pray for hearts to be filled with anticipation for what God is going to do and how He is going to reveal Himself to these sweet women as they gather together in His Name. Ask that there be laughter and tears and that each emotion be greeted tenderly and recognized as holy.

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