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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 20)

February 20:

Pray for the Connection Crew today as they have one last full day of preparation.

Pray for the Worship team – Sandi and Ruth, as they prepare to usher the women into God’s presence through song and prayer, that they would lay aside their agenda and plans, and lean wholly into God’s presence and His voice. They would be humble and available for however God wants to use them.

For the speaker, Grace, that God would fill her heart and mouth with His words, and His alone. That she would walk in confidence in the story God has given her for this time and place; that she would bow before Him alone as her Author and King.

For the counselors – Nan and Karen, that they would quiet their hearts and minds to listen with attentiveness to what God is speaking to and through them, to each woman they will meet with. That their hearts would be set on Christ alone, and in this they would be filled with joy and compassion as they interact with the women who sit before them.

For the hairstylist and massage therapists - Shirley, Kelly, and Telly, that God would bless the work of their hands, as they give tangible love to the women who they will physically touch. Ask that they would listen to the Holy Spirit as He leads and directs their conversation, that they would not speak out of turn, but every word would be filled with compassion and love.

For the ones giving pedicures and filling in any other gaps – Alison, Tracey, Beth, and Carolyn, that God would give them the strength and energy they need as they give of themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. Pray for grace and truth to be evident in each of them as they love on their sisters with compassion and a heart of service.

Pray for Christina and Judy, as they oversee this retreat and all the details and bumps that come with their positions, for them to show grace to everyone they interact with, to remain focused on the Kingdom, and for them to be loved and served on in unexpected ways in return.

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