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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 19)

February 19:

Pray for –

D – As she spends time with family and friends on a short visit home, ask God to richly bless and encourage her, to give her new perspective and outlook on her ministry in Kenya. Pray for safety and good health as she travels and readjusts back to life in Kenya, that God would continue to meet her where she is and shower abundance, life and hope in every corner of her being.

C – As she manages the balance of raising three children with work and ministry, that she would not lose sight of herself and who God is calling her to be. Ask that she would see the time set aside for her to meet with God and be refreshed and renewed in spirit and mind. Ask God to wipe away any thoughts of guilt or worry that she’s not enough for the tasks and relationships at hand, but instead to fill her mind and spirit with the Truth that God will equip her as needed, that what He wants most from her is her whole heart. Pray for blessings to flow in tangible ways to remind her of how loved she is by her Father in heaven.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend time with one another, sharing parts of who they are as they become united as a team. Ask that conversations be filled with gentleness and compassion, and that no one will speak out of turn, even from a desire to encourage and uplift. Ask that there be adequate time and space to rest and be alone, as the next several days will be filled to overflowing with interactions and giving. Pray for a hedge of protection over this team.

Pray for the hotel staff that will be interacting with all the women at the Haven Retreat. Ask God to plant and water seeds in each of the people who will be serving the Azmera women, that they would be protected as they unknowingly encounter the living God. Ask God to set a guard around the hotel grounds, the rooms, and the spaces where the women will be meeting, as holy work will be taking place in the hearts of those who know God, and those who have yet to meet Him. Pray that His glory will be over all, as all the praise and honor will be given to Him because He alone is worthy.

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