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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 16)

February 16:

Pray for –

D – God to bless the desire of her heart to bless others in ministry through her financial support. Ask that she would look beyond what is in front of her and ask for wisdom in how she can partner with God with the gifts and talents He has given her, to come alongside others who work in ministry that looks differently than hers. Ask that she be given understanding in how God has uniquely gifted her to encourage and support those in her life.

M – For her to know God will supply all of her needs, in His time and through the power of His name. Pray against a spirit of fear and anxiety, and instead for her to walk in grace and confidence that God sees her and hears her and that His heart is to take care of her and be the only one who provides. Ask that they see God’s provision flow from heaven in abundance and in miraculous ways. Pray also for her family as they continue to grieve the death of her brother’s mother-in-law, that they would each know the comfort and grace of God as He meets them in unexpected and loving ways.

C – As she works with South Sudanese refugees, pray for an increase in compassion and understanding, as she steps into the stories of people who have been safely delivered of harm, but who are without home and all of its comforts and familiarities. Ask that God provide safe timing and paths for the people she works with to return home, and as they return home they would do so with the power and presence of God with them. Pray for protection and covering over her and her team as they walk alongside these precious ones God has brought to them.

T – As she lives and works in an area (Cameroon) where there is unrest, ask that the God of all peace walk with her, so that wherever she is there is light, rest and a supernatural sense of God’s presence. Ask that God would use those in this area who walk with Him to speak peace, and to love generously all who they cross paths with. Pray that God’s kingdom would come in power in this area and would be a light to all the nations around them.

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