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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 15)

February 15:

Pray for -

C – God to make a way for them to be with their children and grandchildren in the States. Pray for peace instead of confusion and doubt, hope instead of despair, and a deep sense of God’s leading where anxiety and worry may be taking up space. Ask that they would know confidence in the work of God’s hands and trust Him to provide for every need they have – physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, all the desires of their hearts. Pray for a new direction and purpose as they seek God’s will.

S – Her to know that God is eagerly waiting to meet with her each day, as she desires to continue to grow in Him. Pray that her eyes, ears, heart, mind and spirit will be opened to see clearly how He is working in intricate ways all around her; how much He loves her and is calling her even deeper into relationship with Him. Ask that she would know the truth that God will withhold no good thing from her, that His desire is to lavish her with love, and that it may not always look as she expects it to.

J– God to provide above and beyond the finances needed for her children for schooling this coming year; that as God provides it will be evident that the provision is by His hand and His hand alone. Pray also for God to release her from depression once and for all by the power of the Name of Jesus. Pray for clarity to replace any fog in her mind, and for the hold of darkness to be flushed away completely by the light of the cross.

M – Her to walk with confidence wherever God may lead her feet. Pray she would know that every step she places her foot is holy ground, as the power of the Holy Spirit walks with her and flows through her. Pray she would see evidence of Jesus in her life, as she walks about in her daily life and loves those God places in her path. Ask that where she has seen and experienced deserts and dry seasons, God would pour out rain and bring to life what has been dead and abandoned.

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