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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 14)

February 14:

Pray for –

V – To know that she is deeply loved by God, that she is His beloved and no one compares to her in His eyes. Ask that her heart be softened where it has struggled to trust and believe that God loves her unconditionally and compassionately. Ask that she be given a new confidence in who she is in Christ, and of who He is to her. Pray that she would begin to see herself as God does, without fault or blemish, but whole and wholly loved.

M - As she is involved in the translation and distribution of Bible materials, that God would protect the work that is being done, and will be softening and preparing the hearts of those that will receive these materials. Pray for boldness and discernment in who they give these items to, for a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they long to see the kingdom of God here on earth.

B – Healing and rest, especially physically. Pray that she not grow weary in asking God to heal and restore things in her body that are not as they should be, but she would be tenacious and persevere in her prayers to God. Ask that she continue to pray boldly, as she comes before God, that His name as the God who heals – Jehovah Rapha­­ – would carry weight and power on her tongue. Pray that she would glorify God continually in all things.

J – For peace of mind, as the challenges of ministry compete with the challenges of being apart from her young adult children in the U.S. Ask that she would know how much God desires for her to bring her concerns and the longings of her heart to Him on a regular basis, that He doesn’t tire of hearing the things that weigh heavily on her heart and mind. Pray that He would continue to lead and guide her to be where He wants her to be, that she would choose to follow Him in obedience and with a deep sense of joy as she surrenders herself to Him

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