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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 13)

February 13:

R – A smooth season of transition as she moves from her home to a new one. Pray that God will continue to provide every need she has, and that she would trust that what He has in store for her will be good. Ask that she be given wisdom in how to maintain relationships that will change as she moves to a new location. Ask for an excitement and anticipation for what is yet to come with the unknown-to-her. Pray for blessings and provisions to be given and recognized as she trusts in God’s perfect timing.

B – Protection over her ministry and family, especially with the loss of her husband and the presence he provided. Ask for grace and continued comfort in this season, that the Lord would be her strength and shield, and she would know Him intimately as He walks through this time with her. Pray for an increase in fruit and evidence of God’s presence in her life and ministry.

L – God to intervene in situations and circumstances where things may feel impossible. Ask that she be reminded daily that God is sovereign, and that He has every part of her future held firmly in His hands. Pray that she would be given clarity and wisdom as she looks ahead at the things yet to come, and in that she would trust God with those things. Ask that she would know it’s okay to continually bringing her concerns,

hesitations and fears to God, because He is gracious and good, always.

C – That God would bring balance to her emotions and emotional health. Pray that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He reveals areas to her that He is bringing health and life to, that she would have a desire to have a whole heart. Pray she would continue to trust God with every part of her being and her life, that she would have faith and know with confidence that God is working all things for her good, because He loves her and He has called her according to His purposes.

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