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Uganda Prayer Calendar: February 12 - 18

Welcome to Week Two of our Uganda Prayer Calendar! Our reminder is to pray as the Lord leads you; don’t feel like you have to pray for everything mentioned on each day, this is a suggestion and guide and the last thing we desire is for anyone to feel overwhelmed with prayer requests.

We hope you have fun praying as you trust the Lord to lead your prayers over this Haven Retreat; know that you are blessed indeed through your prayers for your sisters overseas.

February 12: Pray for –

P – An increase in faith that God will provide for all of their needs, specifically in this season the financial need they have. Pray also that God will provide for those who are unable to support them due to a change in their own circumstances. Ask that confidence and trust in who God is will be grown as they continue to choose to have faith that God is the One who provides. Pray against doubt, worry and fear.

M – For her marriage, for it to grow even stronger than it is. Pray for whole hearts, for honesty, for humility and an overwhelming love to be at the forefront of all they do. Ask that God would bless their marriage far beyond all they can ask or imagine. Pray for a deep joy to be within their marriage, that would offer hope to those around them.

A – The restoration of joy and connection in her marriage, that God would not only restore what has been lost or missing, but increase and bless it so, so abundantly. Pray for humble hearts, wisdom, and a deep love that would begin to reflect the Father’s love for them. Pray also for the little ones they work with who have been affected by sexual violence in Uganda – pray for chains to be broken and complete healing to be given.

N – To know the full comfort and grace of God as she continues to grieve the loss of her father. Ask God to make Himself known to her in ways she has not yet; that He, as the God of all comfort, would hold her tenderly in His arms and she would be covered in love and grace and peace. Ask that she give herself grace to mourn, and to know that God will fill in the gaps for her as she continues to serve and love on those around her. Pray for a joy to well up deep within her when she least expects it.

February 13: Pray for –

R – A smooth season of transition as she moves from her home to a new one. Pray that God will continue to provide every need she has, and that she would trust that what He has in store for her will be good. Ask that she be given wisdom in how to maintain relationships that will change as she moves to a new location. Ask for an excitement and anticipation for what is yet to come with the unknown-to-her. Pray for blessings and provisions to be given and recognized as she trusts in God’s perfect timing.

B – Protection over her ministry and family, especially with the loss of her husband and the presence he provided. Ask for grace and continued comfort in this season, that the Lord would be her strength and shield, and she would know Him intimately as He walks through this time with her. Pray for an increase in fruit and evidence of God’s presence in her life and ministry.

L – God to intervene in situations and circumstances where things may feel impossible. Ask that she be reminded daily that God is sovereign, and that He has every part of her future held firmly in His hands. Pray that she would be given clarity and wisdom as she looks ahead at the things yet to come, and in that she would trust God with those things. Ask that she would know it’s okay to continually bringing her concerns,

hesitations and fears to God, because He is gracious and good, always.

C – That God would bring balance to her emotions and emotional health. Pray that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He reveals areas to her that He is bringing health and life to, that she would have a desire to have a whole heart. Pray she would continue to trust God with every part of her being and her life, that she would have faith and know with confidence that God is working all things for her good, because He loves her and He has called her according to His purposes.

February 14: Pray for –

V – To know that she is deeply loved by God, that she is His beloved and no one compares to her in His eyes. Ask that her heart be softened where it has struggled to trust and believe that God loves her unconditionally and compassionately. Ask that she be given a new confidence in who she is in Christ, and of who He is to her. Pray that she would begin to see herself as God does, without fault or blemish, but whole and wholly loved.

M - As she is involved in the translation and distribution of Bible materials, that God would protect the work that is being done, and will be softening and preparing the hearts of those that will receive these materials. Pray for boldness and discernment in who they give these items to, for a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they long to see the kingdom of God here on earth.

B – Healing and rest, especially physically. Pray that she not grow weary in asking God to heal and restore things in her body that are not as they should be, but she would be tenacious and persevere in her prayers to God. Ask that she continue to pray boldly, as she comes before God, that His name as the God who heals – Jehovah Rapha­­ – would carry weight and power on her tongue. Pray that she would glorify God continually in all things.

J – For peace of mind, as the challenges of ministry compete with the challenges of being apart from her young adult children in the U.S. Ask that she would know how much God desires for her to bring her concerns and the longings of her heart to Him on a regular basis, that He doesn’t tire of hearing the things that weigh heavily on her heart and mind. Pray that He would continue to lead and guide her to be where He wants her to be, that she would choose to follow Him in obedience and with a deep sense of joy as she surrenders herself to Him.

February 15: Pray for -

C – God to make a way for them to be with their children and grandchildren in the States. Pray for peace instead of confusion and doubt, hope instead of despair, and a deep sense of God’s leading where anxiety and worry may be taking up space. Ask that they would know confidence in the work of God’s hands and trust Him to provide for every need they have – physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, all the desires of their hearts. Pray for a new direction and purpose as they seek God’s will.

S – Her to know that God is eagerly waiting to meet with her each day, as she desires to continue to grow in Him. Pray that her eyes, ears, heart, mind and spirit will be opened to see clearly how He is working in intricate ways all around her; how much He loves her and is calling her even deeper into relationship with Him. Ask that she would know the truth that God will withhold no good thing from her, that His desire is to lavish her with love, and that it may not always look as she expects it to.

J – God to provide above and beyond the finances needed for her children for schooling this coming year; that as God provides it will be evident that the provision is by His hand and His hand alone. Pray also for God to release her from depression once and for all by the power of the Name of Jesus. Pray for clarity to replace any fog in her mind, and for the hold of darkness to be flushed away completely by the light of the cross.

M – Her to walk with confidence wherever God may lead her feet. Pray she would know that every step she places her foot is holy ground, as the power of the Holy Spirit walks with her and flows through her. Pray she would see evidence of Jesus in her life, as she walks about in her daily life and loves those God places in her path. Ask that where she has seen and experienced deserts and dry seasons, God would pour out rain and bring to life what has been dead and abandoned.

February 16: Pray for –

D – God to bless the desire of her heart to bless others in ministry through her financial support. Ask that she would look beyond what is in front of her and ask for wisdom in how she can partner with God with the gifts and talents He has given her, to come alongside others who work in ministry that looks differently than hers. Ask that she be given understanding in how God has uniquely gifted her to encourage and support those in her life.

M – For her to know God will supply all of her needs, in His time and through the power of His name. Pray against a spirit of fear and anxiety, and instead for her to walk in grace and confidence that God sees her and hears her and that His heart is to take care of her and be the only one who provides. Ask that they see God’s provision flow from heaven in abundance and in miraculous ways. Pray also for her family as they continue to grieve the death of her brother’s mother-in-law, that they would each know the comfort and grace of God as He meets them in unexpected and loving ways.

C – As she works with South Sudanese refugees, pray for an increase in compassion and understanding, as she steps into the stories of people who have been safely delivered of harm, but who are without home and all of its comforts and familiarities. Ask that God provide safe timing and paths for the people she works with to return home, and as they return home they would do so with the power and presence of God with them. Pray for protection and covering over her and her team as they walk alongside these precious ones God has brought to them.

T – As she lives and works in an area (Cameroon) where there is unrest, ask that the God of all peace walk with her, so that wherever she is there is light, rest and a supernatural sense of God’s presence. Ask that God would use those in this area who walk with Him to speak peace, and to love generously all who they cross paths with. Pray that God’s kingdom would come in power in this area and would be a light to all the nations around them.

February 17:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their travels to Uganda. Pray for protection and peace over each woman as she travels from her home, through connections and layovers and the long hours of travel. Ask that God would work wonders in seating arrangements and travel partners, that this team of women would be able to sit with one another and continue the work of being brought together as a team. Pray for smooth flights, good conversations, and much rest where it is not expected. Pray for a bond of unity among this team as they come together with one purpose and heart to serve God and serve their sisters who will be gathering together in Uganda.

Pray for against any travel anxiety and fear. Pray for physical health and healing where there has been struggles and frustrations. Pray for those they are leaving behind for a short time, for protection and peace over family and friends who are supporting these women to leave home for this retreat. Ask that joy be present in conversations and friendships that are being built.

February 18: Pray for –

M – Her to recognize that God will provide all things in His perfect timing. Pray for finances to be given generously as the need arises; for her to know that God is never too early and will never be late. Ask that she be given wisdom in how she spends her time, that it is precious and must be treated accordingly. Ask that she continue to have a heart that is available for what God has for her, that she would trust Him to walk with her in areas where she has been hesitant and uncertain.

V – As God prepares her heart and mind for this Haven Retreat, that she would make time to be still and listen to His voice. Ask that He would fill her with excitement as she looks forward to meeting with other like-minded women, and to know that He is excited for what is in store for her. Pray that He would have a space set aside for her to meet with Him and to know that He is longing to love on her, to encourage her, to refresh her by the renewing of her mind. Ask that He would have in place other women with whom she will instantly connect with and begin new friendships with.

P – As she brings her weary heart before the Father, that she would know He is waiting to restore her soul, to pour out new life in her, and to redeem what has been lost. Pray that she would come before Him in humility and ask with boldness the things on her heart that have been causing pain and frustration. Pray that she will see that God will meet her right where she is, and will be generous and good in the lovingkindness and grace He will give to her. Pray that her joy will be restored.

K – For her to know with absolute certainty that no situation is hopeless as long as God is in it. Pray for her eyes to be opened to the goodness of God that is all around her, that she would be able to see with clarity the Truth of who God is to and for her. Ask that she see that there is water for her soul where she is, even if the parts of the big picture she sees seem dry and endless. Pray for God to show her without doubt that He is bigger than the obstacles in front of her, and that He will always be the only Way that she needs.

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