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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 8)

February 8:

Pray for –

L - Her desire is for the Lord to speak in any way He desires; ask that as He answers this prayer of her heart, that her ears would be opened even more to the voice of the Lord, that she would come to know His voice in ways she never thought she could. Pray that as she hears His voice, confidence of who God is and who she is in Him would override any space that doubt would seek to take room in her heart and mind.

J – Protection over her marriage. Pray for the foundation on which they have built their lives to remain strong and rooted in truth and rooted in God. Pray for a new joy in their relationship as they serve and work alongside one another. Pray for God to renew daily their hearts and desire for one another. Pray for laughter and silliness to balance out the seriousness of life.

R – For her to know the color and vibrancy of the life she has been given, in the midst of the heaviness of the burdens she carries for those she loves. Ask that she make time daily to lay the burdens down at the foot of the cross, to know that God desires for her to come to Him with each thing she carries, to entrust it to His capable and willing hands. Pray that a deep wellspring of joy would be known in her and through her. Ask that she would know with deep certainty that her eyes and her smile give life to those around her.

T – That God would provide the residency they have been waiting so long for. Ask that God would refresh their tired hearts in the waiting, and give renewed patience as they trust God to provide for every need they have. Ask that they be given a new perspective on what God is doing, and be allowed a glimpse of the timeline that He is working.

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