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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 7)

February 7:

Pray for -

J – To continue to love those around her who don’t yet know God. For her to have a compassionate spirit, to come alongside those who are struggling with kindness and truth. Pray for her to be given a spirit of boldness and courage as she speaks, and as she serves those who are in need.

R – For her to have a greater joy in being a mother, and in teaching her kids at home. She desires more perseverance and joy as she spends time with her kids, pray she would see the moments that are challenging with a vision of grace and compassion, that she would be slow to anger but quick to love. Ask that she also would be more deeply aware of those around her, and how she can come alongside them with love and kindness as she listens attentively to the Holy Spirit as He leads her each day.

M – Her team and ministry as they are in a season of transition and growth. Ask that their eyes would continually be directed towards God and what He is doing, and they would not get caught up in the small things that tend to draw focus away from the work at hand. Pray for unity and compassion among the team as they experience the challenges that come with growth.

C – That she would see that God is preparing a place for her to come and rest, to sit quietly beside still waters so that He alone can refresh her soul. Ask that she be given a hedge of protection from anything that would cause her to guard her heart against the things of God. Pray for her to know the ministry of the Holy Spirit in ways that are unique to her alone.

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