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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 6)

Today we will begin praying for each woman who will attend the Haven Retreat. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads.

Pray for:

E – That she would find, and make, moments of quiet and rest, and be able to truly rest when she has the time. That as she spends moments with God, she would be able to trust God to quiet her spirit and tune her ears to His voice alone. Pray that she would trust God to equip her to lead others well.

L– That she would trust God to hold her weariness, with tender and gentle hands, and all the compassion in His heart. Pray she would be given a new understanding of how big God is, and what He is able to do even when she feels tired and worn out. Pray He would provide a safe place for her to come to rest, and that she would see it for what it is, and know that she is always safest with Him.

A - That as she strives to be a good wife, mother and teacher, she would know that her own health and peace of mind will filter into all areas of her life. Ask that she find time to care for herself, and be protected from thoughts of guilt that she is not properly caring for those around her by caring for herself first. Pray protection over her marriage, and for God to renew and restore what has been lost or misplaced.

B – That she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as she is on a team of humans – who struggle with gossip, envy and competition. Pray she would have a quiet and gentle spirit, that she would love in kindness and truth, and that her life would be an example to those around her of what it looks like to love and reflect Jesus when it’s really hard to do. Pray for peace on her team, and a spirit of unity and life.

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