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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 12)

February 12:

Pray for –

P – An increase in faith that God will provide for all of their needs, specifically in this season the financial need they have. Pray also that God will provide for those who are unable to support them due to a change in their own circumstances. Ask that confidence and trust in who God is will be grown as they continue to choose to have faith that God is the One who provides. Pray against doubt, worry and fear.

M – For her marriage, for it to grow even stronger than it is. Pray for whole hearts, for honesty, for humility and an overwhelming love to be at the forefront of all they do. Ask that God would bless their marriage far beyond all they can ask or imagine. Pray for a deep joy to be within their marriage, that would offer hope to those around them.

A – The restoration of joy and connection in her marriage, that God would not only restore what has been lost or missing, but increase and bless it so, so abundantly. Pray for humble hearts, wisdom, and a deep love that would begin to reflect the Father’s love for them. Pray also for the little ones they work with who have been affected by sexual violence in Uganda – pray for chains to be broken and complete healing to be given.

N– To know the full comfort and grace of God as she continues to grieve the loss of her father. Ask God to make Himself known to her in ways she has not yet; that He, as the God of all comfort, would hold her tenderly in His arms and she would be covered in love and grace and peace. Ask that she give herself grace to mourn, and to know that God will fill in the gaps for her as she continues to serve and love on those around her. Pray for a joy to well up deep within her when she least expects it.

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