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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 11)

February 11:

Pray for –

A – That she would see the place of quiet and refreshment that God has prepared for her. That He is patiently waiting for her to put down all of the busyness she carries, and to come sit with Him just as she is. Pray for her eyes to be opened to the things God is doing in her heart and life, not just in those of the lives of people around her. Ask that her heart would be quieted down so she can be attentive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in her.

E – God to continue to bring emotional healing and health to her youngest child. Pray for wisdom as they parent this little one, for understanding and grace to override the in-the-moment reactions. Ask God to give light on how they can walk with this child on the path towards wholeheartedness, and a life lived to the fullness of all that God has predestined.

B – A continued heart of sensitivity towards leading of the Holy Spirit as they work with Refugee women, and desire to provide a safe place for them. Pray for all the documents and legal steps to be cleared so they can become registered to build a safe house for the women God has given them a heart for. Ask that they be given understanding as doors are closed so new ones can be opened, that they would walk in faith as God leads them.

S – That she would be intentional about making time for herself; she is aware that self-care and regular times of debriefing are necessary, but often hard to work into a busy schedule. Ask that she be moved in spirit to step back from difficult situations and people, where the demand on her is high, emotionally and physically. Pray for courage to care for herself, and to lay the demands on her in the ready hands of Jesus. Ask that she would realize God is always going to meet her right where she is, with gentleness and protection because His love for her is so great.

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