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UGANDA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Feb 10)

February 10:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they are on the one week countdown to departing for Uganda. Pray the time they spend with their churches, family and friends this week would not only be sweet, but would be refreshing and fill them to the fullest as they set to serve and pour out of themselves in ways they are expecting, and in ways that are yet to be revealed.

Pray that God would ease any worry or anxiety over last-minute details that still need to come together. And pray for an extra layer of physical protection as they get ready to travel – pray against cold/flu, against migraines, against anything out of the ordinary that would cause unrest in the spirit and the body. And for and extra layer of fun in praying, if you so desire – ask God to give you a name and physical ailment that you can be praying specifically for.

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