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Uganda Prayer Calendar: February 5 - 11

The Uganda Haven Retreat starts in two and a half weeks (February 21st - mark your calendars!) Will you join us in prayer over this retreat over the next four weeks? We are going to be praying for our staff, our Connection Crew, the women who will be attending, and those we will come in direct and indirect contact with during our time in Cyprus and Israel.

Please pray as the Lord leads you; don’t feel like you have to pray for everything mentioned on each day, this is a suggestion and guide and the last thing we desire is for anyone to feel overwhelmed with prayer requests. So have fun praying as you trust the Lord to lead your prayers over this Haven Retreat! We have hopefully designed this in such a way for you to be able to print out the prayer requests each week to keep them close at hand as you spend time in the Word and in prayer. Thanks again for partnering with us!

February 5:

Pray for the physical spaces that will be used during this Haven Retreat. Pray for anything unclean to be swept out of each room where the women will gather, that there will be room for the Holy Spirit to settle. Pray for a covering of protection over each hotel room, over the Hub space, over the rooms that will be used for counseling, workshops and any other space that will be used for ministry. Pray there is a guard of protection over the hotel and any areas where the women will be gathered.

February 6: Today we will begin praying for each woman who will attend the Haven Retreat. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads.

Pray for:

E – That she would find, and make, moments of quiet and rest, and be able to truly rest when she has the time. That as she spends moments with God, she would be able to trust God to quiet her spirit and tune her ears to His voice alone. Pray that she would trust God to equip her to lead others well.

L – That she would trust God to hold her weariness, with tender and gentle hands, and all the compassion in His heart. Pray she would be given a new understanding of how big God is, and what He is able to do even when she feels tired and worn out. Pray He would provide a safe place for her to come to rest, and that she would see it for what it is, and know that she is always safest with Him.

A - That as she strives to be a good wife, mother and teacher, she would know that her own health and peace of mind will filter into all areas of her life. Ask that she find time to care for herself, and be protected from thoughts of guilt that she is not properly caring for those around her by caring for herself first. Pray protection over her marriage, and for God to renew and restore what has been lost or misplaced.

B – That she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as she is on a team of humans – who struggle with gossip, envy and competition. Pray she would have a quiet and gentle spirit, that she would love in kindness and truth, and that her life would be an example to those around her of what it looks like to love and reflect Jesus when it’s really hard to do. Pray for peace on her team, and a spirit of unity and life.

February 7: Pray for -

J – To continue to love those around her who don’t yet know God. For her to have a compassionate spirit, to come alongside those who are struggling with kindness and truth. Pray for her to be given a spirit of boldness and courage as she speaks, and as she serves those who are in need.

R – For her to have a greater joy in being a mother, and in teaching her kids at home. She desires more perseverance and joy as she spends time with her kids, pray she would see the moments that are challenging with a vision of grace and compassion, that she would be slow to anger but quick to love. Ask that she also would be more deeply aware of those around her, and how she can come alongside them with love and kindness as she listens attentively to the Holy Spirit as He leads her each day.

M – Her team and ministry as they are in a season of transition and growth. Ask that their eyes would continually be directed towards God and what He is doing, and they would not get caught up in the small things that tend to draw focus away from the work at hand. Pray for unity and compassion among the team as they experience the challenges that come with growth.

C – That she would see that God is preparing a place for her to come and rest, to sit quietly beside still waters so that He alone can refresh her soul. Ask that she be given a hedge of protection from anything that would cause her to guard her heart against the things of God. Pray for her to know the ministry of the Holy Spirit in ways that are unique to her alone.

February 8: Pray for –

L - Her desire is for the Lord to speak in any way He desires; ask that as He answers this prayer of her heart, that her ears would be opened even more to the voice of the Lord, that she would come to know His voice in ways she never thought she could. Pray that as she hears His voice, confidence of who God is and who she is in Him would override any space that doubt would seek to take room in her heart and mind.

J – Protection over her marriage. Pray for the foundation on which they have built their lives to remain strong and rooted in truth and rooted in God. Pray for a new joy in their relationship as they serve and work alongside one another. Pray for God to renew daily their hearts and desire for one another. Pray for laughter and silliness to balance out the seriousness of life.

R – For her to know the color and vibrancy of the life she has been given, in the midst of the heaviness of the burdens she carries for those she loves. Ask that she make time daily to lay the burdens down at the foot of the cross, to know that God desires for her to come to Him with each thing she carries, to entrust it to His capable and willing hands. Pray that a deep wellspring of joy would be known in her and through her. Ask that she would know with deep certainty that her eyes and her smile give life to those around her.

T – That God would provide the residency they have been waiting so long for. Ask that God would refresh their tired hearts in the waiting, and give renewed patience as they trust God to provide for every need they have. Ask that they be given a new perspective on what God is doing, and be allowed a glimpse of the timeline that He is working.

February 9: Pray for –

K - An increased awareness of the protection that God gives, especially in this season of increased spiritual warfare on the campus they serve. Pray God would give them wisdom and discernment in combatting the forces of darkness with light and the power of Jesus’ Name. Pray that the light of who Jesus is would shine brighter than ever before, and that many would be drawn to Him because of the life and shelter that He is.

C – A spirit of protection over her as she is in a season of engagement. Pray God will provide abundantly for all her needs, and that she will see the hand of God at work in seemingly impossible situations. Pray for a joy that is deep and steadfast as she trusts God to lead and guide her ever step.

J – Health and safety over her fifth pregnancy, that any fear she has will continually be laid at the feet of Jesus, and trust that He is with her every moment will be stronger than the anxiety that threaten to overwhelm. Ask for protection over her family as they head into a new season with a new little person.

S – The struggle with homesickness is especially hard as she desires her three boys to experience a more “normal” upbringing. Pray God will give her wisdom and discernment in raising her children where God has placed them. Pray she would heed the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides her family in the path He has set before them. Ask for a holy protection against spiritual attacks in her heart and mind. Pray also that God would bring into her life someone who understands what she is struggling with, and who will speak truth and life to her.

February 10:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they are on the one week countdown to departing for Uganda. Pray the time they spend with their churches, family and friends this week would not only be sweet, but would be refreshing and fill them to the fullest as they set to serve and pour out of themselves in ways they are expecting, and in ways that are yet to be revealed. 😉 Pray that God would ease any worry or anxiety over last-minute details that still need to come together. And pray for an extra layer of physical protection as they get ready to travel – pray against cold/flu, against migraines, against anything out of the ordinary that would cause unrest in the spirit and the body. And for and extra layer of fun in praying, if you so desire – ask God to give you a name and physical ailment that you can be praying specifically for.

February 11: Pray for –

A – That she would see the place of quiet and refreshment that God has prepared for her. That He is patiently waiting for her to put down all of the busyness she carries, and to come sit with Him just as she is. Pray for her eyes to be opened to the things God is doing in her heart and life, not just in those of the lives of people around her. Ask that her heart would be quieted down so she can be attentive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in her.

E – God to continue to bring emotional healing and health to her youngest child. Pray for wisdom as they parent this little one, for understanding and grace to override the in-the-moment reactions. Ask God to give light on how they can walk with this child on the path towards wholeheartedness, and a life lived to the fullness of all that God has predestined.

B – A continued heart of sensitivity towards leading of the Holy Spirit as they work with Refugee women, and desire to provide a safe place for them. Pray for all the documents and legal steps to be cleared so they can become registered to build a safe house for the women God has given them a heart for. Ask that they be given understanding as doors are closed so new ones can be opened, that they would walk in faith as God leads them.

S – That she would be intentional about making time for herself; she is aware that self-care and regular times of debriefing are necessary, but often hard to work into a busy schedule. Ask that she be moved in spirit to step back from difficult situations and people, where the demand on her is high, emotionally and physically. Pray for courage to care for herself, and to lay the demands on her in the ready hands of Jesus. Ask that she would realize God is always going to meet her right where she is, with gentleness and protection because His love for her is so great.

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