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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (November 6)

November 6: Pray for the Connection Crew today. Pray for unity and a holy sense of a team spirit; pray for compassion, understanding and humility among this team. Pray for copious amounts of joy and laughter in this group of women who will serve together. Pray for the hands and hearts that are giving of their time and emotions to serve their sisters in Christ. Ask that hearts would be softened and ears would be opened to the ministry of the Holy Spirit - how He will use them and how He will be with them as they give of themselves. Pray for all of the different activities, conversations, workshops and one-on-one times the Connection Crew is involved in; ask that each space that is used will be covered and protected by God as His holy work takes place and as the Holy Spirit moves in power. Thank God for this group of women who is giving selflessly of their time, hearts and gifts God has given.

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