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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (November 2)

November 2: Pray for:

S - For God to keep her parents healthy and safe; ask that her faith and trust will increase as she is apart from her family. Pray she will be able to see God at work in and through her as she is obedient to be where He has called her to be.

B - For her as transition continues to a new place of living. Pray for a deeper understanding and grasping of the language she is learning. Pray she will see the impact she is having on those she interacts with on a daily basis, that her faith and ministry are in the everyday details and routines that are in place.

K - For wisdom and discernment as she and her husband parent teens/preteens. (If you’ve been in this stage of life, you know how to pray!) Pray for compassion, understanding and the presence of Jesus to be tangible in their home. Pray that they would show their children what it looks like to take all things to God first. Ask for grace and peace to cover their home and their family.

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