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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (November 1)

November 1: Pray for:

M - As she has taken time off of language study to work with her son who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, pray she would retain what she has learned and be able to continue with her studies at a pace that suits where she is at as a wife and mother. Pray for a decrease in frustration and stress, and an increase in joy and peace as she trusts God with her family and her ministry.

C - She is wanting to learn how to care for her soul better; pray that she will be given the tools and understanding of what rest looks like, of how she can trust God with all things and how He is right there in the midst of it with her. Pray she would know a continual reenergizing of her soul and know that God has good things for her and longs for her to enter His rest as often as she needs.

M - For God to continue to provide good, trustworthy and safe childcare for her daughter. Pray for God to give her wisdom and discernment in raising her daughter, who has special needs. Ask for God’s provision and blessing on her family as she chooses Him.

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