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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 30)

October 30: Pray for:

E - Pray for her family as they live and work and minister, and as they do so with a son with special needs. Pray for refreshment of spirit and heart, as every day is different and brings with it a different set of challenges. Pray for someone to come alongside her who can understand and share the energy level of managing family life.

S - For protection over her three children, that they would have a supernatural awareness of the Holy Spirit as He walks with them wherever they go. Pray for her and her husband to seek the Lord together and with their children as they raise them to be children of God first; for them to see and walk in the opportunities God gives to love their neighbors.

K - For energy and renewal of heart, mind, soul and body as they transition to a new field of ministry. For their eyes to be opened to the places of rest God has set aside for them; and in those places for their hearts to be refreshed and rested as they reevaluate and seek God as He leads them in all things.

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