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Cyprus Payer Calendar : October 29 - November 4

October 29: Pray for:

D - For her to recognize the wildflowers and beauty in the places she goes; that she would be given eyes to see places of rest for her soul, and areas where God is waiting to meet with her and show her how much He delights in her. Pray for an increase of joy and anticipation for what is yet to come, but to rest in the “now,” trusting that God has the future in His hands.

B - Her heart longs for revival to take place in Jordan. Pray that God will open her eyes to what He is doing on intricate and delicate levels in the lives of those she is involved in. Pray that she would learn to focus on the little things around her, and trust that God will move all things for the big picture, for His glory and Kingdom come.

M - As her family adjusts to a new house, for them to be able to see the possibilities of ministry and connection that come with a new place. Pray for the house to be solid, and for the Spirit of God to protect the area and stand guard over them. Pray for her to remember who Jesus is to her, as she chooses to fix her eyes on Him, that His gaze and love for her would captivate her more than she’s known.

October 30: Pray for:

E - Pray for her family as they live and work and minister, and as they do so with a son with special needs. Pray for refreshment of spirit and heart, as every day is different and brings with it a different set of challenges. Pray for someone to come alongside her who can understand and share the energy level of managing family life.

S - For protection over her three children, that they would have a supernatural awareness of the Holy Spirit as He walks with them wherever they go. Pray for her and her husband to seek the Lord together and with their children as they raise them to be children of God first; for them to see and walk in the opportunities God gives to love their neighbors.

K - For energy and renewal of heart, mind, soul and body as they transition to a new field of ministry. For their eyes to be opened to the places of rest God has set aside for them; and in those places for their hearts to be refreshed and rested as they reevaluate and seek God as He leads them in all things.

October 31: Pray for:

A - As she has transitioned and begun a new plan for ministry, that God would continue to fill her mind with innovative ideas and ways to teach art and Bible, and courage to step out and try things she hasn’t yet tried. Pray also for wisdom and guidance as she balances ministry with caring for her family, and having the courage to know when to choose family over ministry.

A - Please pray Psalm 23 over her, as she is so tired and weary. Pray for God to meet her exactly where she is, to give her peace and rest that goes beyond expectation. Pray she would know the love of Jesus as He invites her in to rest, to know that He alone covers her with His presence and grace.

B - For the Bible study that has moved in to a church plant, for there to be an increase of wisdom as responsibilities and expectations shift. Pray for her to seek God first and allow Him to be her continual foundation and source of life as she balances all the areas of life with one another - work, family, ministry, friendships; ask that she be given a new awareness of how important her walk with God is to all the other parts of her life.

November 1: Pray for:

M - As she has taken time off of language study to work with her son who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, pray she would retain what she has learned and be able to continue with her studies at a pace that suits where she is at as a wife and mother. Pray for a decrease in frustration and stress, and an increase in joy and peace as she trusts God with her family and her ministry.

C - She is wanting to learn how to care for her soul better; pray that she will be given the tools and understanding of what rest looks like, of how she can trust God with all things and how He is right there in the midst of it with her. Pray she would know a continual reenergizing of her soul and know that God has good things for her and longs for her to enter His rest as often as she needs.

M - For God to continue to provide good, trustworthy and safe childcare for her daughter. Pray for God to give her wisdom and discernment in raising her daughter, who has special needs. Ask for God’s provision and blessing on her family as she chooses Him.

November 2: Pray for:

S - For God to keep her parents healthy and safe; ask that her faith and trust will increase as she is apart from her family. Pray she will be able to see God at work in and through her as she is obedient to be where He has called her to be.

B - For her as transition continues to a new place of living. Pray for a deeper understanding and grasping of the language she is learning. Pray she will see the impact she is having on those she interacts with on a daily basis, that her faith and ministry are in the everyday details and routines that are in place.

K - For wisdom and discernment as she and her husband parent teens/preteens. (If you’ve been in this stage of life, you know how to pray!) Pray for compassion, understanding and the presence of Jesus to be tangible in their home. Pray that they would show their children what it looks like to take all things to God first. Ask for grace and peace to cover their home and their family.

November 3: Pray for:

D - For her to have an increase in wisdom as she balances work and being a wife and mother; ask that God would provide what she needs for each moment of each day. Pray she have a full cup of grace and compassion for those she meets with - both out of the home and inside the home. Pray she would know sweet times of communion with God.

S - For her and her family as they adjust to life with a new little one. Pray for her to begin feeling more comfortable in her new role as a mother, and as she steps back into roles and areas that were put aside for a time. Pray for the health and safety of her new baby, that he would grow well and be raised in a home full of love and laughter and the presence of God.

R - For the women she serves, to find safe shelter from any who would seek to harm them. Pray for a hedge of protection and God’s covering over the places they find to rest. Ask God to give her an increase in wisdom and compassion as she walks alongside women who have found themselves in vulnerable and dangerous situations. Pray God’s glory is seen in countless ways through the women and this ministry.

November 4: Pray for the majority of the Connection Crew as they leave today for Cyprus. Pray for safety in travel, for no missed flights/connections and for all luggage to arrive together. Pray for physical protection from sickness and injury. Pray for good seating assignments, room to stretch, and for those who struggle with sleeping on planes to get unexpected and good rest. Pray for as much comfort as possible on the long flights. Pray for the women who will be travelling together to “hit it off” and continue the work of becoming a team as they get to know one another. Pray for those who haven’t travelled outside of the U.S. before to know peace and calm where anxiety and fear wants to take over.

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