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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 28)

October 28: Pray for:

H - For an increase in spiritual gifts, as she longs to bless and serve those God has placed in her life. For her to walk in boldness and humility in what God has given her for this season. For the eyes and ears of those she interacts with to be opened around her as she proclaims the love of God.

M - That she would know on a deeper level of understanding how much of a blessing she is to those around her. For God to protect her as He pours out His presence and love over and around her; for her to be filled to the fullest measure with the wonder of who she is and who God is, that it would increase her awareness of the spiritual world she walks in.

A - For her to make space to spend time with Jesus on an even more regular basis, as she seeks Him and desires to become more like Him with every passing day. Ask that she will find relationships that will encourage her and fill her up as she gives of herself.

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