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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 27)

October 27: Pray for:

S - For God to provide more intercessors for the Prayer Tower she is involved in. Pray for God to not only burden the hearts of those He is calling to pray, but for them to know He will equip them as He sees fit. Pray for her heart to long even more to connect with and know the Spirit of God as she seeks Him in prayer.

H - For her to know that God will make her brave and equip her with exactly what she needs for each moment and encounter she has with those around her. Pray for a courageous heart and a tongue that will speak the truth in love and the boldness of the Holy Spirit. Speak out fear, anxiety and lies that have been spoken to and over her in the Name of Jesus.

C - For her and her family as they have relocated and are transitioning to a new area; for more understanding and picking up of a new dialect of Arabic, that frustration and stress over the learning challenges would fade away, and a joy of learning would replace the stress. For new relationships to be built as a new ministry is under way. For grace and peace.

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