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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 26)

October 26: Pray for:

A - Grace and wisdom for her and her team as security issues are raising stress levels, worry and concern. Pray that the peace of God would completely surround this team, that eyes and ears would be stopped from seeing what is not theirs to see. Ask that God supernaturally intervene on behalf of this team, and that all anxiety and concerns would be brought before Him consistently.

K - For her to seek God with a humble heart as she looks ahead to the future of the ministry she’s involved in, and her place in it. Pray for her to find some “quiet waters” to sit beside, as she looks to God to provide all of her needs, and the needs of the ministries she’s a part of. Ask that a way would be made for her where it doesn’t seem a way is possible.

S - For her to know God’s covering and protection over her, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Pray for her to have a deep awareness of God’s presence with her wherever she goes, and that in the going she will be filled with boldness and courage, knowing the cross of Christ goes before her. Pray for peace as she walks among those she loves and serves.

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