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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 24)

October 24: As the Holy Spirit leads, pray for:

U - For God to provide the finances and every little detail needed for those who have Muslim evangelism and church planting on their hearts and as their calling. Pray for protection as they walk forward in faith. Pray for her to see how God is using her in small ways and to trust His plan.

K - For students and families as the rhythm of school and fall are firmly in place. Pray for a tender heart for her as she loves on and serves those where they’re at. Pray she would have an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a boldness from Him to speak the truth in love and with courage.

D - The health of her spiritual life and her marriage. Pray God will open the storehouses of heaven and rain down abundance over her marriage, that it would find new life and a restored hope. Pray for her to know a renewed sense of who she is in God, that He would stir in her a wild desire to press into His heart and seek Him with all of her heart.

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