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CYPRUS Azmera Haven Retreat 2018 | Prayer Calendar (October 23)

October 23: Today we begin pray for the women who will be attending the Haven Retreat. Pray for: A - As she readjusts to life after returning from sabbatical, that she would be filled with a renewed energy and passion for those she is serving. Pray she would know - and walk in confidence - her identity in Christ, and not that of the image that others see her as. Pray she would trust God to reestablish her ministry and place in the area she lives and ministers in.

R - For her to easily obtain temporary residency in Cyprus, allowing for easier travel to and from Israel. Pray for protection as she travels, and for a spirit that is sensitive towards what God has for her as she makes the trek back and forth, that she would not miss the little things along the way.

C - As she looks towards stepping away from a number of responsibilities, that she would listen to and trust God’s voice as He leads and guides her. Pray she would have the courage to say “no” and to have faith that what God has for her in place of these things is all good..

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