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Cyprus Prayer Calendar: October 22 - October 28

The Cyprus Haven Retreat starts in two and a half weeks (November 8th - mark your calendars!) Will you join us in prayer over this retreat over the next four weeks? We are going to be praying for our staff, our Connection Crew, the women who will be attending, and those we will come in direct and indirect contact with during our time in Cyprus and Israel.

Please pray as the Lord leads you; don’t feel like you have to pray for everything mentioned on each day, this is a suggestion and guide and the last thing we desire is for anyone to feel overwhelmed with prayer requests. So have fun praying as you trust the Lord to lead your prayers over this Haven Retreat! We have hopefully designed this in such a way for you to be able to print out the prayer requests each week, and keep them close at hand as you spend time in the Word and in prayer. Thanks again for partnering with us!

October 22: Today, please pray for the hotel and spaces that will be utilized during this Haven Retreat. Pray for anything unclean to be swept out of each room where we will be gathered. Pray that there is a hedge of protection over the hotel rooms, the Hub space and the rooms that will be used for counseling, workshops and prayer. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will rest in each space as He prepares the place for His beloved daughters to gather in His name.

October 23: Today we begin pray for the women who will be attending the Haven Retreat. Pray for: A - As she readjusts to life after returning from sabbatical, that she would be filled with a renewed energy and passion for those she is serving. Pray she would know - and walk in confidence - her identity in Christ, and not that of the image that others see her as. Pray she would trust God to reestablish her ministry and place in the area she lives and ministers in.

R - For her to easily obtain temporary residency in Cyprus, allowing for easier travel to and from Israel. Pray for protection as she travels, and for a spirit that is sensitive towards what God has for her as she makes the trek back and forth, that she would not miss the little things along the way.

C - As she looks towards stepping away from a number of responsibilities, that she would listen to and trust God’s voice as He leads and guides her. Pray she would have the courage to say “no” and to have faith that what God has for her in place of these things is all good..

October 24: As the Holy Spirit leads, pray for:

U - For God to provide the finances and every little detail needed for those who have Muslim evangelism and church planting on their hearts and as their calling. Pray for protection as they walk forward in faith. Pray for her to see how God is using her in small ways and to trust His plan.

K - For students and families as the rhythm of school and fall are firmly in place. Pray for a tender heart for her as she loves on and serves those where they’re at. Pray she would have an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a boldness from Him to speak the truth in love and with courage.

D - The health of her spiritual life and her marriage. Pray God will open the storehouses of heaven and rain down abundance over her marriage, that it would find new life and a restored hope. Pray for her to know a renewed sense of who she is in God, that He would stir in her a wild desire to press into His heart and seek Him with all of her heart.

October 25: Pray for:

R - For God to provide the visa’s needed for residency in Turkey. Pray for her family as they live in Turkey six months out of the year, for the travel and adjustment, wear and tear that comes with that kind of schedule. Pray for God to provide abundantly what is needed, beyond what their eyes can see.

K - For God to protect her health as her apartment is cleansed of mold. Pray against loneliness and feelings of isolation after a busy summer of working with people; pray God will show her who is in her life to connect with, and pray He will bring some amazing people to come alongside her in life and in ministry.

Y - As she transitions from school to required Army Service, for protection physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Pray God will provide the people to walk through this next phase of life with her. Pray she knows who God is and who she is in Him, that her faith and walk with him will be on a solid foundation.

October 26: Pray for:

A - Grace and wisdom for her and her team as security issues are raising stress levels, worry and concern. Pray that the peace of God would completely surround this team, that eyes and ears would be stopped from seeing what is not theirs to see. Ask that God supernaturally intervene on behalf of this team, and that all anxiety and concerns would be brought before Him consistently.

K - For her to seek God with a humble heart as she looks ahead to the future of the ministry she’s involved in, and her place in it. Pray for her to find some “quiet waters” to sit beside, as she looks to God to provide all of her needs, and the needs of the ministries she’s a part of. Ask that a way would be made for her where it doesn’t seem a way is possible.

S - For her to know God’s covering and protection over her, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Pray for her to have a deep awareness of God’s presence with her wherever she goes, and that in the going she will be filled with boldness and courage, knowing the cross of Christ goes before her. Pray for peace as she walks among those she loves and serves.

October 27: Pray for:

S - For God to provide more intercessors for the Prayer Tower she is involved in. Pray for God to not only burden the hearts of those He is calling to pray, but for them to know He will equip them as He sees fit. Pray for her heart to long even more to connect with and know the Spirit of God as she seeks Him in prayer.

H - For her to know that God will make her brave and equip her with exactly what she needs for each moment and encounter she has with those around her. Pray for a courageous heart and a tongue that will speak the truth in love and the boldness of the Holy Spirit. Speak out fear, anxiety and lies that have been spoken to and over her in the Name of Jesus.

C - For her and her family as they have relocated and are transitioning to a new area; for more understanding and picking up of a new dialect of Arabic, that frustration and stress over the learning challenges would fade away, and a joy of learning would replace the stress. For new relationships to be built as a new ministry is under way. For grace and peace.

October 28: Pray for:

H - For an increase in spiritual gifts, as she longs to bless and serve those God has placed in her life. For her to walk in boldness and humility in what God has given her for this season. For the eyes and ears of those she interacts with to be opened around her as she proclaims the love of God.

M - That she would know on a deeper level of understanding how much of a blessing she is to those around her. For God to protect her as He pours out His presence and love over and around her; for her to be filled to the fullest measure with the wonder of who she is and who God is, that it would increase her awareness of the spiritual world she walks in.

A - For her to make space to spend time with Jesus on an even more regular basis, as she seeks Him and desires to become more like Him with every passing day. Ask that she will find relationships that will encourage her and fill her up as she gives of herself.

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