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Costa Rica Prayer Calendar: April 16 - April 22

This is the last week of praying over our Costa Rica Haven Retreat! Although the retreat ended on April 15, we feel it's important to continue to pray over the women as they head home and jump back into the routines that were left behind. So please pray with us for this final week, we're so grateful to have you along on this journey!

April 16:

Pray for our Connection Crew as they debrief and spend some time together; pray for clarity of thought and heart as they look back over the retreat. Pray for moments of rest, as they look to be filled up again by the power of the Holy Spirit after spending the days of the retreat giving of themselves in expected and unexpected ways. Pray for them to know Jesus in unique ways as He meets them right where they are.

Pray for the women who attended the retreat as they travel home. Pray for grace and protection in traveling. Ask that each woman be going home filled to the fullness with the goodness of God, after having spent concentrated time in God’s presence and with His people. Pray for renewed hope, complete peace, and anticipation for what God has next for each woman, her family, her ministry and the relationships she’s invested in. Pray she will know God as He goes before her and makes straight her path.

April 17:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they prepare to head back home. Pray for a sense of peace and completion to be over each woman as she ends this time with the Costa Rica Haven Retreat. Pray she will know she was used by God, even if she may not know in what specific ways. Pray for each woman to continue to look to God to give her rest, and to refresh her heart, soul, mind and strength as she prepares to jump back into all the things she set aside for a time.

April 18:

Pray for those who worked at the hotel and any other service workers that came in contact with this Azmera Retreat. Pray for them as they go about their daily lives, after having come in contact with Jesus through the women who served and attended. Pray God will continue to work in their hearts and lives, after seeing Jesus tangibly through His daughters as they fellowshipped together. Pray for the seeds that were planted and watered to grow, for God to have people in place to come alongside to continue to live out and show the love of Christ in practical ways. Ask that God’s glory be so great through this retreat - as His presence and love is spread throughout the world where these women are going.

April 19:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they get back home. Pray for moments of rest and quiet to be still before God as they reflect and contemplate everything they experienced and saw during this retreat. Pray for God to provide willing and attentive listeners for these women to share their experiences with. Pray for an increase in a desire to love well - people they know, and those they don’t. Pray that each woman on this Connection Crew will be impacted as she processes her time away, that she will know God in a deeper way and will long to not only see Him move in power, but to be used in practical ways by Him. Pray each heart will be stirred and broken by the things that stir and break God’s heart.

April 20:

Pray for the women who attended the retreat, as they are back in the routine of life - however that may look - they would find and make time to put into practice the things God spoke to their hearts, things that will bring life, renewal, and draw them always closer to Jesus. Pray for space to process and rest, even in the midst of how busy things can be. Pray for their families and friends to see a difference in each one; to see the hand of God at work through attitudes, outlook, hope and countenances. Pray for God to be glorified and worshipped because of the work He has done through the retreat, and because He is worth of glory and worship.

April 21:

Pray for the Spirit of God to fall heavy on each woman involved in the retreat - those who attended and those who served. Pray for each one to know God’s voice, to lean in and listen as He speaks. Pray for confidence and hope in what she has before her, that she would know that God will equip her with everything she needs as each moment arrives. Pray the things spoken over each woman will carry weight as it embodies God’s heart and desire for her. Pray for a renewed longing to see the kingdom of God come here on earth.

April 22:

Pray for all the women at the retreat to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for darkness to tremble as she carries the Light of Life with her wherever she goes. Pray for the Kingdom of God to spread wherever these precious women walk. Pray for the glory of God to cast out darkness as these women claim the Name of Jesus over every situation, circumstance and relationship. Pray for boldness and courage as God makes a way where there hasn’t been a way yet. Pray for Truth to overcome all the lies.

Lastly, thank you, dear friends, for walking through this retreat with us in prayer. Prayer causes change. This retreat would not have been what it was without your faithfulness in bringing all these things before the throne of God. Our hope is that you will also know a greater depth of the Father’s love and compassion for you as you have spent time with Him on behalf of those involved in this retreat. May you know encouragement, hope and anticipation for what God is doing in your own life; may you know that you are deeply loved; may you know the power of the Holy Spirit resides in you.

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