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Costa Rica Prayer Calendar: April 9 - April 15

Good morning! Below are the prayer guides for this week. The retreat starts on Thursday, and our Connection Crew is headed to Costa Rica today. Please join us in prayer over this retreat and each precious woman that will be involved - those attending and those serving. And may YOU know God’s grace and presence in your life this week in an unexpected and just right way as He meets you where you are.

April 9:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they leave for Costa Rica today. Pray for good weather and flights, for connections to be made and for all luggage to arrive together. Pray for good conversations and connections to be made as this team meets one another and gets to know each other on a new level. Pray that each member of this Connection Crew will know with absolute confidence and delight that God has gone before her to prepare the way for what He has in store for her - both as she ministers and serves others and for the things God has in store for her. Pray for joy, laughter and so much fun to fill this team of women as they come together to serve and love with a common purpose.

April 10:

S - Pray for her marriage, that it would be moved to a better place than it is now. Pray for honesty, gentleness, compassion and love to flow through her and through her husband by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for a strong foundation to not be shaken. Pray for hope to spring anew. Pray also for her daughter, who is living in the U.S. with desires to go to college this fall; pray that as they are apart a closeness in relationship will remain, and their family will see the goodness of the Lord in the land they are in.

N - Pray for her family as they have been in the midst of transition and upheaval of the regular rhythms of life due to traveling and rest that is required. Pray for peace and calm in their family and in their household, that each family member will be compassionate and gracious towards one another, even as things can be stressful and hectic. Pray they know the presence of God with them as seasons change.

R - Pray for peace to flood her heart, soul and mind. Pray that as peace sweeps over her, hope would rise within her; hope for the things yet to come, hope for the promises of tomorrow, hope for dreams to be fulfilled. Pray she would not lose hope, she would not let doubt win, she would bring her worries and fears to the cross and leave them there, confident that the God of hope will fill her with all joy as she chooses to trust in Him.

April 11:

Pray for the hotel staff and service workers who will come in contact with all the women involved in this retreat; pray that God will be working in mighty ways in each of their hearts, and they will know a different atmosphere and sense the presence of God as this Haven Retreat takes place. Pray for opportunities for those who are believers to reach out to and love on the people they come in contact with.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they put together the final details and preparations for this retreat. Ask God to provide time and space for holy moments with Him as they gear up to pour themselves out in love and service. Pray for the Spirit of God to move in power, and to settle in each room and space where His daughters will be gathered. Pray for an atmosphere of welcome and grace to fill every room.

Pray for the speaker as she prepares to speak encouragement and challenge as God leads her to; pray for her heart, mind, soul and strength to be firmly planted in God’s hands. Pray for her to walk forward in boldness and faith as the Holy Spirit guides her. Pray for the worship team as they prepare to lead the women into God’s presence through song and prayer; ask that they be filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God, to lay themselves aside and step bravely into God’s presence, where healing, life abundant, restoration and worship long to happen because of who God is and all the praise He is worthy of.

April 12:

The Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the women attending as they travel and make their way to the hotel. Pray for protection and ease of travel. Pray for God to go before each one as she makes her way; that each heart and mind will be filled with excitement and anticipation to have time and space to rest, connect, and make friendships. Pray for this Retreat to be covered and protected completely by the power of God.

Pray that as each woman arrives she will feel welcomed and loved, and invited into a holy space where Jesus is waiting for her; pray she will have the sense that God is eagerly pacing the floor as He looks for her arrival. Pray for a spirit of rest and safety to cover every place where each woman sets foot.

April 13:

Pray for the retreat is it begins in full. Pray for the Holy Spirit to make space for each woman to encounter and meet with God in a refreshing, life-giving way. Pray for hearts to be softened and broken open before the Lord so He can minister healing and renewal in the depths where hurt, bitterness and anger may be hidden. Pray for words of encouragement, truth spoken in love, and the challenge to draw near to God would all be heard with open ears and hearts and minds longing to meet with Jesus. Pray for healing - as God leads you to; healing of hearts, healing of physical nature, healing of relationships and broken communities.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they make themselves available to listen, to love, to be shoulders to cry on. Pray they will be filled with the Holy Spirit to be bold and courageous in loving well, to speak words that God places on their tongues, to be the hands and feet of Jesus in practical and beautiful ways.

Pray for connection and relationships to be built that will last for eternity. Pray for the women to find in one another friendship, common interest and goals, and others with whom they can share the joys and frustrations of living and serving where they are.

April 14:

Pray for the times of rest and community that are provided; pray for intentional conversations and moments of truth to be had. Pray for the mealtimes, that as the women gather to break bread with one another, that the presence of God will be felt at each table; the conversations will be fun and life-giving, but also deep and true.

Pray for the breakout sessions - that the women leading these will speak in confidence and truth. Pray for those who attend to soak up the Word of God, the words of encouragement and challenge, and the truth that is present. Pray they will be moved to put into action the things they are hearing and learning, that they will see the value in practices they haven’t tried before, or would like to bring back into their lives.

Pray for the women to meet with God in unexpected and beautiful ways. Ask that each woman will hear God speak to her specifically, in ways that she knows are just for her, as God loves on her and delights in who she is. Pray for joy to be placed in deep places in the hearts and minds of those at this retreat; for the joy and presence of God to become a strong foundation once again.

April 15:

This is the last day of the Haven Retreat! Pray for things to end well, for peace to be given and hope to be stirred once again. Pray that each woman will leave filled up to overflowing with the goodness, grace and love of God. Pray that the prayers of each heart coming into this retreat will have been answered, and those returning home to ministry and life will be refreshed and excited for what she has learned, how she encountered God, and for a new life and vision for those she is serving and loving on. Pray for the Spirit of God to continue to go before each woman as she prepares to travel and jump back into the business - and busy-ness - of life. Pray for words of power and encouragement to be spoken in boldness and faith, and for ears and eyes to continue to be opened to what God is doing.

Pray for holy moments as the women say goodbye to one another and to this time of retreat. Ask that God continue to move and work in power in unexpected ways. Pray for God’s glory to be so great and beautiful, for His will to be done and His kingdom to come on this earth as it is in heaven.

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