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Costa Rica Prayer Calendar: April 2 - April 8

Happy April, Friends! Hoping you each had a beautiful and meaningful Easter weekend. So grateful we have a risen Lord, right?! Here is the prayer calendar for this week - thank you for joining us in prayer. Also, feel free to print this out and keep a hard copy with you as you spend time with God this week.

April 2: Let’s pray for the Connection Crew today - these women who are so willingly giving up of their time and finances to go love on some of their sisters in Costa Rica. Pray for the women this week as they make final preparations for this trip, for the things they will be leaving behind, and for the hope and excitement they look ahead to. Pray for families and friends who will be standing in the gap for them while they are gone, to feel prepared and supported, for peace and calm in hearts and mind where anxiety, worry and doubt threaten to push in and take over. Pray for things that need to be laid aside to be put down with confidence that God is over it all, and He will take care of all the things - the big things and the small things. Pray for each woman to make time to spend with God, to allow Him to fill them each up to overflowing. Pray for open hearts, clear minds, and willing bodies and spirits to be used significantly and uniquely as God sees fit. Pray that each woman will walk forward in confidence and knowledge that God will equip her with just what she needs for each moment He has ordained for her.

K - Pray for her family as they continue to settle into a new house. Pray for peace in the neighborhood and community in which they have found themselves in. Pray for anxiety and worry about the safety of their house to be placed under the covering of God’s protection, especially in light of having been robbed at their previous house. Pray for friendships to be made, and practical ways to minister to their new community to be abundant.

April 3: S - Pray for her to not be afraid to bring all the doubts, worries, anger, stress and burdens she is carrying in her heart to the foot of the cross, to the throne of God. Pray for her eyes to be given clearer sight into who she is as a beloved daughter of God; and in that, she would be given peace and confidence in how God loves her. Pray for her to find rest, comfort and safety in the presence of God.

D - Pray for her identity in Christ to be renewed and refreshed; she would be given a new understanding to how much God loves her, that although He sees all and is over all, His love for her specifically is incomparable. Pray for her to find joy and peace in knowing who she is in God; pray for her countenance to be changed as she begins to reflect the face of her Savior even more.

S - Ask God to provide community, friendships, relationships for her that will far exceed all she has been hoping and praying for. Pray that God uses this Haven Retreat to not only refresh her heart and spirit, but for heart connections to be made; He will bring friendships to her that will speak life and encouragement to her, that she will know she is not alone.

M - Pray for her to know she is capable and able to do that which God is calling her and asking her to do. Pray she knows without doubt that God will equip her for every encounter and situation He sets before her. Pray she begins to claim with boldness who she is in Christ, and as she does so she would begin to see change in life around her, as she reflects more and more the image of God.

April 4: R - Pray for God to provide supernaturally the finances and resources needed so that a return to full-time ministry is made possible. Pray for the longings and desires of her heart to be fulfilled in unexpected ways, ways that speak of God’s provision and love for her. Pray for her to be encouraged as she looks ahead to what is still to come.

J - Pray for God to give her the wisdom and discernment she is longing for in supporting her husband in decisions that need to be made. Pray for unity between her husband and herself; they would seek God together in humility and with open hearts and minds. Pray for the love of Jesus to cover them so completely as they walk and live out their faith in the community in which they live.

E - Pray for God to increase her knowledge, wisdom and discernment as she seeks His will in the direction of her life and ministry, and in the decisions that are made that impact herself and those around her. Pray for her to be given time to sit without distractions in the presence of God, to still her heart and mind and turn her ear attentively towards His voice. Pray that she will move in confidence as God leads her.

C - Pray for a renewed spirit, for refreshment to come in waves, unexpected and bright. Pray for discouragement to be gone by the power of the name of Jesus. Pray God would give her new vision and hope for what He has in store for her. Pray she would find a quiet place to rest and be still, and in those moments the Holy Spirit would minister to her like she’s never known before. Pray for peace to cover her heart and mind in Christ.

April 5: A - Pray for her to know without doubt that God knows her heart, He hears her prayers, and He is not inactive or inattentive. Pray for peace to flood her heart and soul regarding her desire to be married, she would know that God is for her and His timing is perfect, always. Pray for her to choose patience and trust, and to live a full life even as she waits on the desire God has placed in her. And pray for the man God has for her - that as they have not yet been joined together, God will be doing a beautiful and good work in his heart and life as well.

T - Pray for her son, who has special needs and is sitting in discouragement because of a learning disability. Pray for God to bring the right people into their family to come alongside this son to teach and encourage him at the pace he needs; pray for this son to know that God has created him in his image, and He has a beautiful plan for his life. Pray for doubt and discouragement to be swept away in the name of Jesus. Pray for his family to know the presence of God as they walk with their son and share in his discouragement and hope for the future.

N - Pray for her to be assured that God hears the desires of her heart, He sees her tears and knows her longings, and He will be faithful to answer and provide what she is praying for. Pray for her to have opportunity to love on some babies and pour into the lives of little ones as she waits to see how God is going to fulfill His promise to her. Pray for her to walk in confidence that though weeping may remain for a night, such a deep, deep joy will come in the morning.

C - Pray for her and her husband as they continue to settle into life in Costa Rica; as they learn the language, set up ministry, and make connections they would know with peace they are right where God has asked them to be. Pray for the days of missing home and family and familiarity to be met with understanding and grace, and for space to adjust to be given. Pray for God to pour out His mercy and provision over them in ways they just don’t see coming.

April 6: O - Pray for her to find time to slow down and evaluate the demands of her ministry; pray for her to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance, and to make wise choices that will bring glory to God, even if those choices may not seem logical. Pray for her and her fiancé as they eagerly look ahead to their June wedding; pray for protection and peace over them as they anticipate life together, they would walk in safety and choose Jesus as the foundation for their relationship. Pray for her fiancé as he adjusts to life in Nicaragua and looks to switching roles from fiancé to husband.

B - Pray for her to willingly lay aside the constraints of expectations, and to step into the wild and glorious life God is calling her into. Pray she will be bold and courageous to live loudly and with expectation for what God is doing. Pray for her to find time and opportunity to run wild, as it were, with the wind flowing through her hair as she lives freely as God has invited her to. Pray for joy to be deep and abundant as she steps into a new season in her walk with God.

W - Pray for direction and provision as she and her family look ahead to schooling for their children for this upcoming year. Pray for wisdom as they look at options and make decisions that will affect their family. Pray for peace and excitement as they step into a new season of life.

A - Pray for her to know that Jesus will meet her right where she is, as she is. Ask that He will provide the time she desires to spend with Him every day, and ask that her eyes will be opened to the opportunities He is giving her. Pray that as she disciplines herself to spend time with God, that those moments will be alive and real and deep, that she will move past habit and a “should” attitude, into deep moments of worship and connection that she has never experienced before. Pray she will be transformed by the renewing of her mind, that she will become even more a reflection of God as she presses into His presence.

April 7: Pray for Christina and Karen (Azmera Director and retreat assistant) as they leave for Costa Rica today. Pray for travel protection, for connections to be made, for all luggage to arrive together in the right place. Pray for their hearts and minds and bodies as they switch into “retreat gear” and eagerly await what God is going to do. Pray they will know peace that even as they are leaving early to prepare the way, God has gone ahead of them to prepare an even bigger way. Pray for fellowship and community to be given space as they walk ahead of this retreat.

J - She desires so much to be a mother and is waiting and processing setbacks and discouragement. Pray that she will know that the desires God gives, God will fulfill. Pray that as she waits, it would be a waiting filled with expectation and hope, and that there is work she can be doing in the waiting. Pray for her to know that there is purpose and holiness in waiting. Pray for God to answer the desires and prayers of her heart in beautiful and unexpected ways.

April 8: V - Pray for her weary heart, mind, soul and strength. Pray God will provide her with the rest and respite that she is longing for. Ask that as she takes time to be renewed in all things, that God will stand guard over her heart and mind and speak away guilt in the name of Jesus. Pray she will begin seeing the value of saying “no” when a “yes” seems right, but is ultimately not healthy. Pray for God to overwhelm her with joy and a new life abundant.

A - Pray God will give clarification to her and her husband as they desire to focus on specific ministries this year. Pray He will make straight the path He has before them, and they will walk forward in peace and confidence, leaving doubt and uncertainty in the dust as they choose His way. Pray for situations and circumstances to be made clear as they seek God’s face, for His hand to lead them quietly and boldly.

L - Pray God will answer the prayer of her heart for close friend; that He will bring someone into her life she is not expecting, but with whom she can share her heart, her fears, her joys - all of the things in her life with, in a safe and trusted space. Pray also that she would have peace and calm in leaving her family for a few days to attend this retreat; pray guilt be gone in the name of Jesus, and in its place peace and confidence that she is going to be exactly where God has prepared a place for her. Ask God to bless her and knock her socks off with His goodness and faithfulness.

L - Pray for her to know that God will meet her exactly where she is - in the desert, in the wilderness, in the mountains, and by streams of quiet waters. Pray that she will know without doubt that God sees her and loves her and has so much goodness in store for her. Pray that she will see the value and purpose for the season she’s in.

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