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Costa Rica Prayer Calendar: March 26 - April 1

Friends of Azmera! We would love to invite you to join us in our prayer journey for our upcoming Costa Rica Haven Retreat, which is April 12-15. We’ll be posting a weekly prayer calendar on our blog, so please check in on Mondays over the next four weeks to see how you can be praying for the retreat on a daily basis. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like more information on our prayer ministry, the Haven Retreats, or Azmera in general.

March 26: The Costa Rica Haven Retreat is a little over two weeks away; today will you join us in prayer for the spaces that will be utilized during the Retreat? For every bedroom, gathering place, areas of fellowship and ministry. Pray the Holy Spirit will be preparing a place for each woman to enter and know His rest, His presence and the power of His Name. Pray for anything in each room that is not of Jesus to be cast out in the Name of Jesus, and for a holy space to be prepared.

March 27: Pray for those who will be in indirect contact with this retreat - hotel workers, drivers, tour guides, other guests at the hotel; pray they will see and feel a tangible presence of God as His beloved daughters gather together in His name. Pray that He will be softening hearts and minds to encounter Him, be exposed to truth, and for seeds to be planted and watered. Pray for our Connection Crew to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and to act in obedience and love towards those in positions of service.

March 28: Pray for the details of this Retreat to come together as only God can do - for finances, travel details, people to be in place to stand in the gap for those attending the Retreat and for those volunteering their time to serve at the Retreat. Pray for God to move in power in circumstances and situations where it may feel as though things might fall through or there may not be the provision necessary. Pray for God to move mountains and answer all the specific prayer requests that are being asked of for this specific time and place.

March 29: Will you pray for the Connection Crew today? Pray for God to meet each one where she is at, to provide all the resources she still needs - be that financial, time off of work, or any of the other little things that need to be taken care of while she is away. Pray for this team of women to be united as a team in a way they have never experienced before, that this retreat will be filled with so much fun, laughter and true heart connections among one another. Pray for a protection of health over them as travel time draws near. Pray for God to meet them in sweet ways this week as they begin to prepare their hearts and minds to serve.

March 30: Today we are delighted to begin praying for the women who will be attending this retreat. Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers as He lays each woman on your heart.

S - for God’s abundant financial provision as they prepare and look ahead to ministry in Ecuador; for a certain percentage of finances to be reached by June so they are able to attend training in July. Pray for peace and confidence as God leads them; that He will provide everything they need, from finances to location to every little detail in-between. Pray they will not become overwhelmed or caught up in the things outside of their control.

A - Pray for an increase in hope, pray for a desire for wild hope to be placed in her heart. Pray for doubt, worry, anxiety and fear to be stripped away in the name of Jesus. Pray Romans 15:13 over her.

K - Pray for her to know the comfort of the Holy Spirit and a tangible presence of Jesus. Pray she will bring the hurts, frustrations and confusion to the foot of the cross and receive the love of God in a way she hasn’t. Pray she will know how loved, precious and delighted in she is; pray she allows God to comfort her, and in that she will find rest and peace in the presence and arms of her Savior.

March 31:

C - Pray for her as she is in the midst of ministry changes and transitions. Pray for peace as things change and shift, that she would be constantly aware of God’s presence and leading. Pray for an abundance of joy, excitement and anticipation for what God is doing and how He is going to continue using her.

N - Pray for her and her husband as they seek God’s direction and leading in future ministry decisions as they reach a “retirement age,” and needs of family arise back home in the States. Pray for wisdom and discernment, and pray for a clear path for them, that as things may be shifting and changing, that does not mean ministry ends. Pray for provision and protection as they continue to walk with God.

S - Pray for her to have an increase in trust that God is sovereign, He is good, He is for her, and He will bring all the pieces into place in His perfect timing. Pray that as she waits and longs to see where everything will fall, that she would continue to choose to trust God, and have faith that He is working a good thing for her, for her family and for her ministry.

April 1:

K - Pray for her ministry and mission to find favor with the government they are working with/under. Pray for a new vision for their ministry, for a fresh perspective, for excitement in new things. Pray for them to walk in confidence on the path the Lord has called them to; pray for road blocks and closed doors to not be a hindrance in faith and in vision. Pray for delight in what the Lord is doing.

H - Pray for a renewed vision and endurance to complete the project she is currently working on. Pray for discouragement to be swept away in the name of Jesus, and for abundant provision to flood over the work of her hands. Pray for her as she prepares to lead a retreat for pastor’s wives - pray God will provide all the resources necessary, and even more to prepare the hearts and lives of the women who will be coming together. Pray she will be refreshed and renewed in spirit, mind, heart and strength.

S - Pray for her to gain confidence in who she is in Christ; for her to know, claim and walk in the knowledge that God has called her and equipped her with what she needs to minister and love on those around her. Pray she would be bold in her faith, bold in loving, and bold in knowing how loved she is by her heavenly Father. Pray God would bless the work of her hands, and she would be encouraged through tangible evidence in what she is doing and how God is using her.

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