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Cambodia Prayer Calendar: Week Three, February 4 - February 10

Greetings! Hope this finds you well and looking forward to the week ahead. This is the third week in our Cambodia prayer journey, we're so excited to have you along with us! (Sorry it's a day late!)

February 4:

N - for wisdom in raising her children as she works and is involved in ministry; for discernment in where and how she is using and giving her time. Pray for her to have courage and peace in saying "no" to the things that will take her time and attention where it's not needed

N - pray for an increase in sensitivity in hearing God's voice, and in that for power and boldness to speak and proclaim life and freedom in the Name of Jesus. Pray for her to walk in confidence in the power God has given her through the Holy Spirit.

B - to find time to rest and be restored and refreshed after coming out of a very busy season; for her to know what quiet waters God is leading her to, and to step into those spaces with excitement and delight in spending time with her Savior.

S - as she works on her Master's Degree, for focus and retaining information she is learning, that she would see God at work even as she studies. Pray for her mother's health, that God would bring healing and restoration to her body.

February 5:

A - for the chronic pain she lives with to be healed and gone in the Name of Jesus. Pray in boldness and faith that God is the God who heals, and His heart for her is wholeness. Pray that she would know Jesus in deeper ways because of the pain; pray she will see God at work in ways beyond comprehension as she walks in faith and trust of who God is and what He has called her to.

D - for comfort and peace for her heart as she and her family grieve the lost of her father; pray for her to know God's heart for her in such a unique way, for her to know that His mercy and compassion for her are new every morning.

B - for the health and safety of her baby, as well as wisdom and peace in the day to day activities of life, that she would know God's hand in everything she does. Pray God would bless her family with the finances they need.

E - to find a sweet space where she can lean into the presence of God to find restoration, renewal and refreshment after a very trying year in both ministry and personal life. Pray for her to allow herself freedom to rest and step back from the busyness of life and ministry, to know that it's okay to stop and rest.

February 6:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they rest and get adjusted to time and cultural differences. Pray they would be united as a team, and that deep friendships would form as they prepare for the women they'll be serving to arrive. Pray for laughter and joy to run deep, that they would have so much fun together. And pray for the Spirit of God to rest heavily over each woman as she prepares to give of her heart and time in ways she's not even aware of yet.

February 7:

Pray for the speaker and worship leaders today, as they prepare to give specific places of their hearts to the women who are coming, they will be filled with the Spirit, Presence and Power of God in ways that only God knows and only God has prepared them for. Pray for protection spiritually as they share God's words and heart, and lead the women into the presence of God through song, music and prayer. Pray for the Connection Crew to find space to spend with Jesus to be fortified, filled up and ready to be used by God in mighty ways, though they may never see the outcome of their service. Pray for the women attending as they travel to the retreat, for protection in every mode of transportation that will be used; pray for an excitement and anticipation to meet with God and to have a place set apart just for them.

Feburary 8:

The Haven Retreat begins today! Pray for each woman as she arrives to feel welcomed and loved on first contact with the Azmera Connection Crew. Pray for safe travels as the women arrive, Pray for stress and worry and the burdens that each woman is bearing to begin being lifted as soon as she first walks through the doors of the hotel, that the atmosphere will have a holy and sacred temperature to it. Pray for the Connection Crew to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, to move and speak and love in compassion and boldness. Pray for the first sessions and group discussions to be covered in the presence of God, for His work to begin immediately. Pray for sweet moments of encounter and rest with Jesus.

February 9:

Pray for the first full day of the Haven Retreat - for laughter and joy and tears to be abundant. Pray for the Holy Spirit to have room to walk about and meet each woman where she is at. Pray for the women to breathe deeply and know they are loved and can have the space needed to rest. Pray for the worship leader and speaker to be filled with the power of God as they give of themselves, share their hearts, and lead God's women into His presence in very specific ways.

February 10:

Pray for the friendships that are being built at this retreat - for the women to connect with one another on a level beyond mutual respect and understanding, for walls to be broken down and for vulnerability and transparency to take place in a safe space. Pray for the Connection Crew to be present and available to what God is doing. Pray for details and any bumps in the road to be swept away and taken care of by God; for perspective and understanding that the things that can inconvenience and frustrate our human minds are nothing that can't be taken care of by God. Pray for peace and calm within the walls of the places the women are meeting. Pray for laughter and joy to be evident and to fill the women to overflowing with the goodness of the Father.

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