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Cambodia Prayer Calendar: Week Two, January 28 - February 3

Happy Monday! We hope this finds you rested from the weekend and ready to take on everything this week holds for you! Thank you - again - for joining us in praying for the Cambodia Haven Retreat, it so quickly approaches and we so much appreciate your partnership with us in prayer. Here are the next seven days of prayer guides in this Cambodia journey:

January 28: P - for God to move in power in the women of Cambodia, that revival and life would come in great waves, that she would stand as a part of it and allow God to use her in the very unique ways that He has created her.

T - for rest and peace for her country, her ministry and her heart. Pray for a renewed enthusiasm and zeal for the work to which God has called her.

N - her desire is for peace and good leadership for her country, her community and her ministry. Also for her heart and mind to know rest from the worry, anxiety and stress that come from being a wife, mother and woman who works and is involved in her community; pray for moments of peace in Jesus' presence, that she would feel comfortable to bring all of the things in her heart and mind and lay them at the feet of Jesus.

K and V - for laughter, joy and deep friendship to be poured out over both of these women as they serve and minister in specific ways. For increased awareness of the Holy Spirit as He moves and calls them to great things; for obedience and trust to be the path they choose.

January 29:

S - peace to flood her heart, soul, mind and strength. For her to bring her burdens and worries to God and trust that He is big enough to take care of her and of all the little things that add up. She would not doubt peace or question if the peace given is from God, but would know deep in her spirit God's voice.

V - to trust the voice that God has given her, that He will give her the words she needs as she needs them; for confidence in who she is as the woman God has created her to be, that she would know she has much to offer. Pray for boldness and courage to speak and speak loudly, knowing that God goes before her and that people will listen when she opens her mouth.

L - for good health; she would be healthy in body, mind, spirit and strength as this New Year gets underway.

V - one of her students is graduating and taking over as pastor of her church - pray for God's protection and leading as she (R) steps into a new role and new journey. Pray God will continue to raise up leaders from those V is serving and ministering to, that she would see God move and work in power in the lives of those she gets to be a part of.

J - to experience a fully abundant life in a community that will be like family to her. Pray for her to allow God to soften areas of her heart that have been carefully guarded; pray for joy and freedom in relationships.

January 30:

K - healing for chronic lower back pain. Pray for absolute healing in the Name of Jesus. Pray for PT to begin working, for pain to be gone, for her to able to be active and walk in freedom and confidence in God as Jehovah Rapha, our God who heals.

V - for God to move mountains in her life that seem too big and impossible to be moved; for her faith to grow as God meets her where she is and shows her that all things are possible with Him.

A - for the community where she is living and working to become a positive, joy-filled place; for negativity, doubts and frustrations to be communicated clearly and gently; for God to bring about change and life.

S - for peace in her country, community and ministry. For her family and three children to know God's presence; for abundant provision financially.

M - for God to create in her a spirit and heart of peacemaking; for her to stand in the gap for those in her community, church, family and ministry and to speak peace and hope where there is strife and despair. Pray also as she transitionts out of the position she is in now, that she will know and trust God's leading and allow Him to guide her to the next chapter.

J - as she adjusts to being and empty-nester, for joy in this new season. For wisdom and focus as she seeks to learn the language. And as she transitions to a different rhythm of life for her to know and experience God in ways she hasn't yet known Him in.

January 31:

Y - for her three uncles, her mother and herself to be in good health, stay well and safe. For restored relationships in her family; for God to move in power and bring about salvation in her family.

L - as she steps into a new role of 'Director' that she would walk in confidence where God has called her and prepared for her; that she would lean into the voice of the Holy Spirit and make decisions in boldness and faith in what God is doing in her ministry.

S - for her to have no fear in reaping the harvest God has planted all around her. For her to step forward in faith and trust that what God is doing is good; for her eyes to be opened to see more clearly the abundance which God has poured all around her and is allowing her to be in the midst of.

T - for her husband's health, that he would be healed of any sickness or disease that may be lurking in his body; for complete health and wellness for her family. Also pray that she would pray with a new kind of faith and trust that she hasn't prayed with before.

R - for the health of her mother, that God would give strength to her bones and life to her body. That her family would be able to stand back and clearly see the healing hand and power of God in her mother.

February 1:

M - for renewed energy and vision for her tasks at school; that mundane things would come to life and she would see with a different perspective how God is using her. For wisdom and discernment regarding the future of her family on the mission field; they would ask God boldly and listen attentively as He is faithful to answer and lead where He has plans for them.

S - for her to know that the work she is doing is valuable and important, even when it feels boring and routine. Pray for her to know God in the silence and to know that He delights in her and sings over her.

S - for God's Word to come alive to her in a way she's never experienced before - that she would know deep in her spirit that His word is alive, it is living and active and it has life for her. Pray for understanding and depth of knowledge and insight as she studies the Bible.

S - for God to open her eyes to see how she can be a peacemaker in her country, family and community. For God to continue to give her a heart for peace, and to increase her compassion on those she interacts with.

P - as she desires to live and walk with God, He would open her eyes to see more clearly how He is involved in her everyday life, how He longs to be even more a part of all she does. Pray for her to find time to stop and listen intently to His voice as He begins to speak to her in ways she's never known.

February 2:

E - for God to provide opportunity for her to begin ministering where her heart is; that she would be bold and confident in asking God for the place and timing, and the courageous and brave in stepping into that into which God is calling her. Pray for an increase in compassion and a heart of mercy.

S - for wisdom and discernment in hiring the right people for the positions that need to be filled in their ministry; these people would walk forward in sensitivity to God's Spirit and leading; pray she would know these people as soon as she meets them. Pray for abundant provision and hearts of gratitude for how God provides.

I - for good health for her and her family; that God would protect them physically and bring about healing in areas where health is not abundant. Pray for God to open their eyes to see how He has blessed them and how He longs to bless them still.

K - for strength, intelligence and discernment as she ministers to those around her; she would know God is her strength and He is the One who will always sustain her. Pray for her walk with God to be brought to a place of sweet intimacy and communion.

February 3:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they leave the U.S. to travel to Cambodia today. Pray for favor and mercy as they travel - in health and wellness, for connections to be made, for all the luggage to arrive together. Pray for rest on the flights, and times of interaction and connection to be sweet as these women travel together and get to know one another. Ask God to pour out His blessings abundant over each woman as she gives of her time and heart to serve God and His people in a new place and culture. Pray for protection over these women spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

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