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Cambodia Prayer Calendar: Week One, January 21 - January 27

Greetings from snowy Colorado! We hope this finds you well and enjoying a day of rest. Our Cambodia Haven Retreat begins in 2 1/2 weeks, and we'd love to invite you to join us in praying for this retreat - for the women attending, the Connection Crew that will be on site, the Speaker and Worship Leader, and all the other details that are making this possible. We are so excited for this Haven Retreat, and can't wait to see how God is going to continue to work to bring about His glory and Kingdom.

Below you will find prayer requests/suggestions for every day this week; please feel free to print out a copy to have with you, or check back in every day to pray for this Retreat. Also feel free to contact us if you'd like to pray for the women by name specifically. Blessings on you and your week ahead, and thank you for taking the time to bring this Haven Retreat before the throne of God.

January21: Today, pray for the space that will be given for this retreat - for each room that will be occupied, for the places of connection, fellowship, teaching, worship and learning; that God will go before every place that will be used and will be preparing it for His people to gather in His Name. Pray for a hedge of protection to settle around rooms where the women will gather, that the places where they set foot will be holy ground, set apart and anointed for God's work to be done. Pray for the hotel staff and workers that will come in contact with Azmera, that God will be softening their hearts to His presence, that He will be preparing them to encounter Him as much as He is preparing a place for those already in His family. Pray for His Name and glory to be so great because of this Haven Retreat.

January 22: Pray for the details, finances and travel plans to fall into perfect place for each woman attending this retreat - both the Connection Crew and the women attending. Pray for God to make a way where it might not seem possible, where work and family and time may seem to be getting in the way - for God's will and way to prevail over all. Pray for the woman to may be reconsidering or are hesitant to attend to be prompted and reminded by the Holy Spirit that He has something very significant and unique waiting for them at this place of Haven and rest.

Today we invite you to being praying with us for those who will be attending the retreat.

January 23: Pray for -

N - as she works with those who have survived human trafficking, pray God would open the doors of communication so she can begin to understand more clearly where they are at and how God is working; pray for continued sensitivity, awareness and compassion. Pray also for a retreat she and her husband will be leading after the Haven Retreat - pray for all the details to come together and for an increase in wisdom and discernment as they lead.

D - as she works and lives in a country different from her own, she would be given an increased understanding of the culture and spiritual temperature of those she interacts with; pray for an increase in faith and a deeper longing to see the Spirit move in power where she is.

M - desires a deeper love for Jesus and understanding of His love for her - ask that God would open the storehouses of heaven over her in abundance of love, wisdom, understanding and discernment for who and how He has created her; pray that her spirit would be filled to overflowing with the knowledge of how loved by and precious she is to God.

E - for her to know and walk in confidence in the work God has called her to; for her to know without doubt or anxiety that God has and will equip her for that which He has placed in front of her. Pray for her to know a deep joy as she serves, loves and ministers to those in her direct sphere of influence.

January 24:

D - as her family prepares for their youngest child to graduate high school this year. Pray for the transitions that lie ahead, that God will prepare the way for each of them and draw them into deeper understanding and awareness of His presence in each of their lives.

S - as she ministers to students and teachers at a Chinese school in Cambodia that she would be available to how God wants to use her, to put aside her expectations and allow God to move in ways she wouldn’t expect. Pray for an increased anticipation for how God is going to work.

M - to walk along with God at her own pace, laying aside the expectations from others of how or what she should be doing, to walk in boldness and confidence of how God has created her and how He is using her.

M - as she transitions out of ministry in Cambodia and moves back to the U.S., that she will know peace in God’s leading and have an increase of trust and faith as He guides her into unknown-to-her waters.

January 25:

R - as she transitions from one job to the next, that she will see God’s hand guiding her and know that His plan and purpose for her is good.

L - for healing and health as she has autoimmune issues that are still being figured out; pray for complete healing in the Name of Jesus, pray she will seek His face and ask boldly and in confidence that God is a God who heals.

A - for good health and protection physically from injury and sickness; pray that she would qualify for the scholarship she is seeking, that in all things she will know the hand of God is at work, and is over her with love and protection.

A - for space to breathe, and the discernment to know that it’s okay to not know everything she feels like she should know; for peace to go at her own pace and to bring all the overwhelming feelings and frustrations to Jesus, to trust that He’s got her.

S - for the distance from her family and home country to not feel so great, but to feel at home in Cambodia in a way she’s never experienced before; for her to walk in a closeness with God and those she’s serving with in a way that tears down walls and crosses barriers.

January 26:

V - for her family, to be protected and covered in God’s provision and presence. For her family to know God completely and as a family, in a way they’ve never known before.

K - the plan and quality of the work they’re in the midst of would be moving along at God’s pace, and they would know His timing in all things, and know His presence and leading in ways they’ve not yet experienced. Pray for joy and life to overflow, and for peace to reign in greater abundance.

C -stamina, understanding and discipline as she goes deeper into language study - particularly in the areas of Biblical terms and truths, pray God’s word will come alive to her in ways she’s never known, that it will be like an explosion of life to her.

B - pray she will find quiet waters to rest beside and drink deeply of God’s presence and love for her; pray she will be renewed and restored in her love for God and people, that life will spring before her in color and vibrancy.

January 27:

J - for transitioning out of her current role, and feeling as though some big changes may be coming this year, that she would walk in grace and confidence as God leads her to new areas. Pray also for her and her husband as they desire a baby and speak with doctor’s concerning not being able to conceive - pray for protection for her heart and her desire’s, that she would know in a deeper way that God is a God who provides all things in His will and in His timing.

D - for her 9 yo daughter who has ADHD/ODD and is struggling being in school, pray for peace and calm over her daughter, that she would know God’s presence with her as she is in school and in environments she does not willingly choose. Pray for Darcie to find a sweet place of rest at this retreat, that God would meet her where she is and provide all things necessary for her to attend.

S - that her home would be a place of rest, refuge and welcome for all who enter her door. Pray she would seek to be a woman who honor’s God in all she does, pray her eyes would be open to see how God is working very specifically in and through her.

B - she would encounter God in such a unique way at this retreat; He would be so near to her and speak so specifically to her. Pray that she will lean in towards His voice, that He would reveal new purpose for her, and show her places of His heart for her that she’s never seen before. Pray for joy in greater abundance.

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