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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 20

Pray for the attendees as they get back home, for continued safety and protection for those still traveling. Pray they will feel so rested, refreshed and renewed in heart, soul, mind and body as they return home to their families and ministries; pray their countenances will reflect their time spent in the presence of God.

Pray for the volunteers as they begin traveling home and reflecting on their time in Bolivia. Pray they will also feel renewed and refreshed and energized as they return home to jobs, families and ministries; pray they would have a new, or renewed, vision of what God is doing in their communities and be aware of how they can be more intentional about joining His works in progress.

Pray for all the women impacted an involved in the retreat, that a they return to daily life and routines, the things they learned and experienced will continue to be relevant and remembered as they get back into the swing of things. Pray they would make time to spend with the Lord on a regular basis, that their expectations of time spent with Him will be fulfilled.

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