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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 17

The retreat is in full swing in day two today! Will you join us in prayer?

Pray for the speaker, worship leader and volunteers as they continue to give of themselves. Pray they would be sensitive to the moving and workings of the Holy Spirit, that they would be confident and bold to speak and take action in truth and love. Pray their hearts would beat in tune with God's as He moves in the women who have come for rest.

Pray for the attendees as they dig a little deeper into God's presence; pray they would allow themselves to be moved, loved and changed in each moment. Pray they would feel God's love for the - that it would be almost tangible- and they would know that His heart beats for each one of them, and He delights in them so much. Pray for moments and spaces of deep rest for the heart and soul.

Thanks again for praying with us, may you have a blessed Friday!

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