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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 16

Pray for the women at the retreat today. As the first full day comes to an end, pray that sacred spaces have been created, and holy moments have taken place and are yet to come. Pray that as the women enter the presence of God they would allow His voice, Spirit and presence to wash over them. Pray for brokenness and healing to take place, for His glory to be great.

Pray for connections and relationships to be made and to be built into beautiful, lasting friendships. Pray that their will be an atmosphere of joy and light, that the weight of ministry and life will be lifted so peace and rest can take place. Pray for the volunteers to be energized and filled up as they continue to give of themselves for a greater purpose. Pray for laughter and light-hearted moments to be abundant, to bring balance to the times where the burdens will be brought to the cross.

Thank you for walking this prayer journey with us!

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