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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 15

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

Thanks for dropping by today! Today our Azmera team gets the honor of welcoming our new friends in South America to our Haven Retreat. Will you join us in praying for this retreat today?

Pray for the women as they arrive at the hotel, that they would feel loved and so welcomed upon the very first greeting. Pray they would find the rest for their bodies and souls that they are craving and needing, that the hotel and the spaces created for them will be places of rest and refuge, of renewal and refreshment.

Pray for the volunteers to show kindness, compassion and grace in abundance, that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His leading, that they would be bold and courageous in loving well. Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be present and evident to each woman present.

Thank you for praying today, we are honored to have you join us!

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