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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 13

Dear friend, thank you for stopping by to pray. We could not do this ministry without you.

Pray for the volunteer team today - as they get to know one another, as they prepare and begin putting things into place for the women they will be serving this week. Pray they would unify as a team, with one heart and mind to love God and one another; pray for joy, compassion and so much fun in getting to know one another! Pray for compassion for one another, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Pray for:

L: She is expecting baby #3 in May, and she and her family are preparing to leave for home assignment in May. Pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy, and for energy and rest when she needs it. Pray for their ministry and relationships as they look to transition out for a year; pray for needs and details to fall into place on both ends of the move.

J: She and her husband are in the process of adopting in Bolivia. Pray for all the paperwork and red tape to be taken care of, as well as hearts and bodies to be prepared to become a family. Pray for peace and confidence in God's presence in the season of waiting and desiring to be a family. Pray for blessing and provision where it is needed the most.

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