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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 12

Thanks for a taking a few minutes to commune with the LORD in partnership with us on behalf of the women serving and attending the upcoming Bolivia retreat, we so appreciate you!

Pray for the volunteers as they continue to arrive in Bolivia for safe travels, rest and excitement for how they are going to come alongside what God is doing.

Pray for:

S: She desires to stay in close communion with God; pray that she will have some very sweet moments with Him, as she presses into His heart and seeks His face. Pray she would know His presence and His delight in her. Pray also that He would give her wisdom in dealing with situations, circumstances and relationships that she is a part of.

H: Her husband is finishing his degree - pray he will finish strongly; pray she will support and encourage him as he wraps this part of his education up, that even in the midst of stress and finals and life and ministry they will focus on their marriage and one another. Pray they will begin to apply what he has learned with enthusiasm and joy.

D: Her heart is for her daughter and son-in-law, who are in the midst of a separation. Pray for grace, reconciliation, restoration and redemption of their marriage. Pray God will use people in both their lives to point them towards Jesus, to encourage them and to love them with the grace of the Lord. Pray for D and her husband, as they are not able to physically walk this road with their daughter and son-in-law right now, pray they would have wisdom and insight in loving and supporting them from a distance.

May YOU be blessed as we enter a new week! May you know the grace, love and compassion our Father has for you!

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