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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 11

Thank you for taking some moments to pray for the Bolivia retreat today.

Please pray for the volunteers as they begin traveling to Bolivia. Pray for safety, good connections/flights, no lost luggage or sickness. Pray they would be filled with excitement and tender hearts towards what God is going to do and how He will use them.

Pray for:

K: As she recovers from a bacterial infection, for a healthy body and renewed health. As she heals and rests, for her heart and mind to be at peace and to know God is in controls of all the little things.

J: As she continues to recover from back surgery and a bad fall, that her body would be healed and whole once again. Pray for her as she steps into a new and different ministry than she's done before, that she would know God's presence and His leading would be evident.

D: As she readjusts to living in Bolivia after being on home assignment for a year, that the transition will be smooth and they will see God at work and be reminded and encouraged of what He is doing and what He has for them. Pray also for their family back home, they would be covered in peace and know God's presence and goodness even over the distance and time apart.

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